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Be agile like a Formula 1 team!

GitScrum is a project management tool for agile teams


Perfect for Startups, Agencies, Freelancers and Developers


Scaling your business with GitScrum

Manage your projects and deliver high quality results

Agile approach to project management has proven itself to be a time and money saving strategy with the flexibility to keep up with rapid changes.
Complete solution to help achieve the best performance and save money by better managing their projects

GitScrum for your growing business needs

Project Manager

Monitor the progress and align tasks without wasting time. Achieve organizational fluency.

Marketing Professionals

Enhance customer experience with our simple and methodical approach to marketing project management solutions.

Product Development

Product development is never complete with proper product management. GitScrum will help enhance your project development needs.

Professional Services

Meet client expectation and deliver consistently with GitScrum’s project management platform geared towards product and service performance.

Business Operations

Run day-to-day operations without hassles and glitches. GitScrum is the best platform for real time planning and collaboration.


Creatives need an enabling environment to thrive and ideate. Build a team of creatives and turn a dream into reality. Collaborate and execute with your team.

We are a Plug and Play Solution

Planning Board

Kanban helps you harness the power of visual information, you can plan your work smartly with real-time task progress insights.

Integrate with tools you already use

Popular Integrations

GitScrum works seamlessly with GitHub, GitLab, Slack, Dropbox and other tools.

Improve performance through Meritocracy and Gamification

Eliminate waste, increase performance and value meritocracy within your team. We provide features and information to non-technical people without neglecting the requirements of technical teams.

Customer Centric

Why do people love GitScrum?

“We are full service marketing agency operating in 2 countries Sweden and Egypt. We use GitScrum to increase our team’s @efficiencies and track our projects.”

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Mohamed Elsayed

“I dumped all the tools I was previously using and migrated my @workflow to GitScrum. As being a Ph.D. scholar managing various projects is critical and of the utmost importance.”

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Annadil Alinani

“If you’re looking for a great tool to use @Scrum methodology, look no further than GitScrum. GitScrum is a very good project management tool that has the potential to be the best.”

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Leo Koo

“GitScrum help us to get more planned in our business. GitScrum help us to get more planned in our business. We can see things better with a sprint @burndown chart”

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Guilherme Aquino

“Gitscrum has a tremendous prospect. Promises a plethora of features from @kanban public sharing to @gamification, visual task overview and many more customization.”

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Suvran Roy

“Although GitScrum is the new kid on the block, it’s acting as an old comrade. The Task, User story and @Sprint triad is a powerful tool-set to keep creative and development things in flow”

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Laszlo Csukas