A valid idea, perhaps even the best one, sometimes can be ignored or dismissed. But why?

Most of the times through meetings the ideas are quickly passed over.

It’s important to make room for diverse mentors and mentees and be aware.

Let all voices participate.

Being interrupted or talked over can lead to someone’s stop giving ideas.

These moments are almost never intended to hurt, but they do.

Create a safe word. That can also be beneficial. This allows teams to directly address something inappropriate without having to specifically call someone out.

Take always consideration and don’t judge. Listen. If you don’t like the idea or think It’s inappropriate, justify why. It’s important to be comfortable around your team to discuss and accept different opinions. Give feedback.

This will pay off during ideation sessions.

Imagine the safety that can be built by feeling free.

Have a diverse team instead of just be looking for someone that is exactly like you. Differences are important. You can find a lot of potential and diverse growth in both your lives.

We all know that people are misjudged and feel left out every day in our offices. We must all take responsibility for correcting it.

Be great together. Grow together.