In both our personal and professional lives, we have the need to set goals to achieve, after all without a clear and defined objective we are going nowhere, and to achieve these goals it is essential to work out goals.

In the world of startups this is no different, on the contrary, it is even more important. Many of these goals are set monthly and then broken in weeks to be matched, and a major advantage of startups is the agility to adjust and test the best ways to achieve the goal. In addition, having what to show to an investor or potential investor is something highly valued, if the investor sees results even with little money the chance to bet on this startup is even greater. Investors, in addition to looking at entrepreneurs, see how much the business can grow without needing much recourse.

There are many ways you can organize yourself to stipulate your goals, a very used and simple way is SMART, it is nothing more than an acronym in which the most relevant characteristics of the definition of a goal are found.
Each goal must be S (Specific), M (Measurable), A (Attainable), R (Relevant), and T (Time Based). Below I will show you exactly what each of these attributes means so you can set your goal today. This will serve your professional and personal life.

• Specific – Every goal must have as many elements as possible, with relevant and specific details. Do not write broad goals.
• Measurable – You need to be able to measure that you are moving toward your goal.
• Attainable- Is the goal you want clear and achievable? Can you complete this goal?
• Relevant – It must be relevant so that it dispenses energy and time during its unfolding and conclusion.
• Time Based – You must have deadlines, time to perform, take care that you do not use generic dates, the more specific your deadlines, the easier it will be to measure their implementation.

Whether it’s the SMART method or whatever method you use, I believe that if you have your goals clear and your goals set, you will be much more successful, both personally and professionally, and you will certainly feel fulfilled when looking back and seeing where you have come after achieving their goals.