Quality assurance can be a source of concern in some companies. This concern can be experienced by developers and testers. In the end, pointing out the shortcomings of someone, is not a very pleasant task. There are a few tips to avoid that:


Develop Tests During the Requirements Phase

Traditionally, companies have been waiting until all requirements have been set and will not be met before the test begins. The new convention recommends a completely different approach. Testing should be conducted at an early stage, even if all requirements have not been finalized.

Encourage Collaboration and Acceptance

By creating a more collaborative environment, testers can work more efficiently. They can also identify risks in advance and ensure that errors that are problematic are addressed later.

This spirit of cooperation allows testers to work more effectively in other projects.

Utilize Independent Reporting

The quality control process can be significantly speeded up by creating independent reporting channels. The task of the department of business analysts should be to ensure the report of the team.

Automation is Your Friend

Automation allows you to increase productivity, improve quality and reduce costs.

Throughout the life cycle of the project, some testing will be repeated.

That is a tedious and frustrating process.

It is here that automation comes to the rescue. Automating repetitive tasks allows teams to focus on other important tasks and maximize their effectiveness.