Rebecca Wirfs-Brock was able to check in with different reporters and get an update. With their permission, she recorded some of the conversations to share with the Agile community. The first part is a conversation between Aaron Griffith from Hunter Industries who introduced Mob Programming for the Introverted Report. Aaron discusses what it’s like to be an introverted connection to a mafia programming team. When we talked, Chris Lucien from Hunter Industries saw us also and joined our conversation. By the time we talked about, Hunter Industries was in the center of cultivating its peat. after hearing their conversation we can understand, that Aaron finds ways to take care of himself and his need of time and quiet reflection … but when he works independently he realizes he lacks the mass crowd. We, introverted, are also social beings. The next podcast is a conversation Rebecca had with Daniel Vacanti, co-founder and CEO of ActionableAgile. Daniel, along with Pradeep Singh, presented the experience report, Ultimate Kanban: Scaling Agile Without Frameworks in Ultimate Software. We discuss the flow and how attention to the value of the work you do can lead to dramatic improvements to what you can deliver. Daniel also explains how predictions can be made easily with simple tools when you begin to measure your value flow.