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GitScrum Console for Laravel Artisan Console

The power of project management in a few command lines. Manage your project and your team's tasks, all through console commands. ☕☕☕

GitScrum Console Hacker
GitScrum Console for Laravel

Keep developers focused

Manage all your project tasks using only the command line, let managers use the browser version of GitScrum. We love using the command line to see our own tasks.

The GitScrum Console is Easy to Install

composer require gitscrum/console

Publish configuration file

php artisan vendor:publish --provider="GitScrum\Console\ServiceProvider"

Get the project credentials and ready to use!
Fork Repository
GitScrum Console has the code-free with MIT License. You can create a fork repository and develop new commands using the GitScrum API. Creativity has no limit!
  • Perfect for development teams
  • Fully customizable and scalable
  • Share your ideas with the community
GitScrum Console

How to Contribute to Open Source

Want to contribute to open source? A guide to making open source contributions, for first-timers and for veterans. Learn more. Go to our public repository on Github and enjoy! gitscrum-team/console

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