Private circuit, managed internet or even MIA.

leased line has a lot of names that It’s been known by, but what does that mean?

Leased line Is a communications link (of HIGH-SPEED) that is committed to one business costumer. It offers various data services and voices, including high-speed internet access that you can flexibly configured.

Find out why It’s better for your business.

It consists of what?

As you can see on the GIF above, It consists of a dedicated copper cable that physically links two sites.

Is also separated from general public telecommunications networks.

In the past It was common to ear that they were far too expensive to use, but at the moment is a more reasonable proposal.

At this article I’ll introduce into the solutions that this provides and the benefits of using it.

What is the difference between a Leased Line & standard Internet connection?

Standard Internet connection can be very slow. If you have a reasonable number of people using it at the same time, maybe just downloading something, you’re screwed. With a leased line that doesn’t happen.

Is just you using it so, there is no trouble for you while you’re working. you will have an accessible, fast, dedicated connection.

What are the typical connection speeds?

It is between 2Mbps to 10Gpbs, but generally for a business everyone opts for the maximum capacity of speed as it was already excepted. If you want to use Leased line for business It’s better to go for 10Mbps.

The future of speeds

It is exciting that speed in the future can be even faster that there is right now. A few are already faster than the speed of ADSL (that you can see on leased line speed test). There’s a variety in the speed packages of leased line, and It’s highly possible that the cable networks are going to begin tripling their speeds.

Is the cost worth it?

Without having to worry about other users, you can really make your work faster and better. Leased lines can be really expensive for your business yes, but you’re paying for a service that will compensate you a lot.


And as I said in the beginning, the costs are getting more reasonable. Be aware of that and decide what is the best for you and your business!