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Agile and Scrum is the primary method to manage teams and productivity for technology companies like Spotify, Microsoft, and Google.

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$82/one-time payment

GitScrum Business - Forever!

Unlimited Users
White Label + SSL
Premium Features
Unlimited Projects
Unlimited Storage Space
Unlimited Future Updates
Unmissable Deal

$82/one-time payment

GitScrum Business - Forever!

Unlimited Users
White Label + SSL
Premium Features
Unlimited Projects
Unlimited Storage Space
Unlimited Future Updates
Buy once, use it forever
Just pay once and forget about paying monthly or annual fees!
Unlimited projects, endless possibilities
Create projects and only team members can see the project
We've grown incredibly fast
Our users love GitScrum. We are constantly adding new features

GitScrum’s been designed to replace the expensive tools

A Lifetime deal is exactly what it sounds like; it is a forever deal where you only pay one time for a permanent license to use GitScrum forever.

Project Management Tool
Gitscrum’s focus is simplicity. But it doesn’t ignore a project’s complexity. The aim is to help you team without a big learning curve.
Insane Lifetime Deal
Project management tools are often expensive and charge monthly fees. GitScrum is different, you only pay once and use it forever!
Value delivery continuously
GitScrum’s built with flexibility in mind. If you run projects on your own or with a small team, you have all the functionality you need.

GitScrum Reviews

Find out what real users are saying about GitScrum

Raunak H.via Capterra
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Gitscrum is a great tool for project management to keep track of everything, also the best thing I observe is frequent updates that get better every time.
Kevin S.via Capterra
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GitScrum has the basics covered, and their founder Renato has been very responsive and high coordinative with their audience. It's the humans behind the genius apps like these that you know it's going to be successful not only based on their roadmap, but their relationship to care about their customers.
Rodrigo D.via Capterra
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GitScrum provides more features, allowing us to set up metrics to track and evaluate efforts. Also, the specificity to SCRUM management processes were decisive.
indratno Widiartovia Product Hunt
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I was never really into scrum project management until I found GitScrum. I used to be comfortable using Basecamp then Trello with its power-ups. The more I use GitScrum, the more I get used to the scrum framework. And I'm loving it much.
Nhu Dovia Product Hunt
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Gitscrum is a very strong project management tool, which is well thought out to maximise the benefits of Design Thinking and Agile Development. I moved all my projects from Trello to Gitscrum!
Thilina Loku B.via G2
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This is a half-breed among Asana and Jira - with the guarantee of being the best of the two universes. Incredible load up the executive's highlights and we love the agendas, work process customizations, time-following, run the board.

GitScrum Business

White Label Project Management Tool. When you use your own domain, GitScrum installs a standard SSL certificate to it. Free SSL certificate.

Domain + SSL
Connecting your own domains to GitScrum will strengthen the use of your brand. We allow you to add unlimited domains and subdomains.
Highlight your brand with a favicon, it is usually your brand's first impression.
When you add your own logo to a project, you convey professionalism to your client. In addition, you can add a customized logo to each project.
Use your own SMTP server. From now on, all notifications will be sent through your SMTP server, namely, the sender will no longer be GitScrum.com, but the email address you have assigned in SMTP Options.
Users Unlimited users
White Label
Premium Features
- Duplicate Projects
- Wiki
- Clients / Contacts ( Roadmap )
- Invoices ( Roadmap )
- Group Chat ( Roadmap )
Public Projects
Private Projects
Unlimited File Storage
Custom Logo by Project
Project Progress
Project Labels
Shareable board
Project Features
User Stories
Sprint Burndown
Mind Mapping
Gantt Chart
Calendar View
Task Checklists
Task Custom Fields
Task Videos
Task Due Dates
Task Labels
Task Attachments
and more than 120 features

Frequently asked questions

For further inquiries, please send us an email: customer.service@gitscrum.com

A GitScrum lifetime subscription is just paid once a time. Not sure if a lifetime subscription is right for you? Try the free account for 7 days
GitScrum is hosted on the AWS and IBM platform. With industry-leading security practices and experience in running some of the largest online services around the globe, AWS/IBM delivers reliable enterprise cloud services.

No contracts, no hidden charges, and no setup fees.

You just pay one time and use it forever.
After buying a lifetime, you will have the option to upgrade to a higher license at any time.
We accept payments via Visa, Mastercard and American Express.
We use Stripe to process your payment. It’s the same payment provider used in products suck Twitter, Uber, DigitalOcean, and HubSpot. We don’t handle your credit card information directly.

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If your Business is incorporated in Portugal, we will collect the VAT.

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We proudly pay our taxes in our jurisdiction. We don’t create tax loopholes or subsidiaries to avoid taxes. We hope you share our view that all of us should contribute to a better world.

No, all costs it's included in the lifetime subscription.