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As an admin, I want to view a list of outstanding returns so that I can process a return, and that customer can get their money back.




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Additional information

- In the Django Admin, custom views - View order details of return, which items should be in the return box, and any comments the user had about the return Order will list: - Order/Return date - Items that are being kept - Items that are being returned and should be in box - Comments and feedback from user

Acceptance criteria

- view a list of outstanding returns with enough info to find the transaction in Stripe - mark an outstanding return as processed - add notes to the return transaction - can mark a return as having an issue. The user can be notified that there has been an issue with order, such as a piece of clothing missing from the box * Mark a return as returned correctly. The order can be complete, and amount can be correctly billed * Returned items are re-added to the inventory. * Total cost of order is calculated (Stylist fee, # of items kept, discount if all items checked, etc.) * User is billed or refunded * Order receipt is sent to user