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The competition for c̶l̶i̶e̶n̶t̶s̶  talent is now global. Amazon cannot compete with you!

We now live in a truly global and competitive workplace. How to adapt and thrive?

Decades ago, companies, freelancers and service providers had mostly local competitors, maybe regional and sometimes national. Today, any serious company should be asking themselves: How to win the game globally?

The best professional at the compensation package you can pay is living in another city or country! With collaborative work technologies such as GitScrum, you can now hire everywhere.

So you should also be competing for TALENT, not only for CLIENTS! Otherwise, the consequences are crystal clear.


A scalable solution to stay relevant, competitive and profitable!

We envision a future where motivation and a well-defined reward system takes over office politics. Work will be gamified, instantly increasing morale to deliver the common good.

This work management system will be so powerful, that even average but motivated team members will quickly discover they can do more, much more in this work system.

And boom, a persistent competitive advantage is created to conquer the world and stay relevant! Much like after the Ford revolution, work will change in your company.

The rewards are huge: a group of motivated and rewarded individuals, that as a team, can deliver innovation and quality!

Clients will notice and reward you!

How can we contribute to your brave new world

Our contribution to companies, freelancers and professionals to this new world is simple

  • Collaborative Environment

    We create a collaborative environment that allows you to organize, manage and measure projects and human talent. We organize the chaos of being an ambitious company!

  • Meritocratic Society

    We create the tools that help you implement this healthy mechanism called meritocracy. It is not the stronger nor the smarter who thrives, but one that adapts.

  • Gamification Strategy

    We create the tools that induce the gamification of work, to increase morale. Everyone loves video-games. Why not render the work experience as a video-game experience?


It doesn't matter if your diploma (or lack of) comes from the best university in the land. It doesn't matter your background. We truly meritocratic system welcomes diversity because it is important for the evolution of species!

Join our work (r)evolution!

GitScrum was built with gamification, meritocracy and the Agile principles in mind.

They are your building blocks of being adaptable. And being adaptable allows you to survive. And surviving allows you to serve your clients in the long run. This IS success.

Our framework is perfect for everyone creating a product or delivering a service. From start-ups to accountants and consolidated industry leaders, we are here to help you manage your projects and talent optimally!

Join GitScrum, and we’ll get there together!


September 2017


Lisbon - Portugal

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