Must have

As SysAdmin I want to manage IVR menus so that callers can interact with our system to get the service they are looking for.




Team Members

100 %




Additional information

1. IVR menus can only be seen and created by the tenant admin. 2. IVR menu must have the following details - Name - Description - Extension - Active - Tenant 3. IVR menu has multiple IVR steps (IVR Extensions) 4. User must be able to drag and drop IVR steps to edit their priority. 5. Each IVR step must contains a IVR application. 6. First IVR step must always be Answer application. 7. Last IVR stop must always be Hangup Application. 8. IVR menu must be able to retrieve key presses. - 1 to 9 - # and * - h (Hangup extension) - i (Invalid extension) 9. When click action button from IVR menu then the configuration shall get updated.