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Costs should not scale with your team. Respect your budget with our unlimited-user plans. Scrap endless tools and save costs to project management tool.

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$8/per month

Ideal for bold solopreneurs and individuals wanting to get more things done in less time by personally increasing productivity -- stress-free.

Invite 10 Users
1 Workspace


$49/per month

Teams seeking to skyrocket their ability to collaborate. Improving or getting started with Agile and Scrum so you can finish more work together.

Invite Unlimited Users
25 Workspaces

Lifetime Deal

$349/pay once

Never pay monthly again for a Project Management Tool. Boost productivity and make complex projects stress-free with a simple agile project management tool.

Invite Unlimited Users
10 Workspaces

GitScrum’s been designed
to replace the expensive tools

Unlimited Projects
Huge as your business vision, our platform allows you to include limitless projects, as long as you have new ideas to put into practice.
White Label
Your powerful marketing asset to wow your clients with a custom interface showcasing your brand in the project management tool. Replace the GitScrum logo.
Unlimited Tasks
Wide capacity to hold the most productive teams that handle multiple assignments and deliver several tasks daily. “Sky is the limit” to GitScrum users.
Unlimited Future Updates
All GitScrum plans include future updates to get our latest versions with features improvements our developing team is constantly working on.
Unlimited Storage Space
Store documents, images related to your projects with no limited space. Keep your business info safe with no need to hire extra cloud services.
Free SSL Certificate
Get a free SSL Certificate (Secure Socket Layer) to keep all your data safe and encrypted, so you can share confidential files in a trustworthy environment.
Lifetime Deal

Easily organize by clients or departments

Invite Users

Invite clients and team members to projects

10 Users
Unlimited users
Unlimited Users
Lifetime Deal
Board Shared
Gantt Chat
Mind Mapping
My Next Task
User Profile
Project Settings
Project Templates
Rockstar Team
Task Subtasks
Task Checklist
Task Custom Fields
Task Effort
Time Tracking
User Stories

and more than 120 features

GitScrum Reviews

Raunak H.via Capterra
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Gitscrum is a great tool for project management to keep track of everything, also the best thing I observe is frequent updates that get better every time.
Kevin S.via Capterra
Read More
GitScrum has the basics covered, and their founder Renato has been very responsive and high coordinative with their audience. It's the humans behind the genius apps like these that you know it's going to be successful not only based on their roadmap, but their relationship to care about their customers.
Rodrigo D.via Capterra
Read More
GitScrum provides more features, allowing us to set up metrics to track and evaluate efforts. Also, the specificity to SCRUM management processes were decisive.
indratno Widiartovia Product Hunt
Read More
I was never really into scrum project management until I found GitScrum. I used to be comfortable using Basecamp then Trello with its power-ups. The more I use GitScrum, the more I get used to the scrum framework. And I'm loving it much.
Nhu Dovia Product Hunt
Read More
Gitscrum is a very strong project management tool, which is well thought out to maximise the benefits of Design Thinking and Agile Development. I moved all my projects from Trello to Gitscrum!
Thilina Loku B.via G2
Read More
This is a half-breed among Asana and Jira - with the guarantee of being the best of the two universes. Incredible load up the executive's highlights and we love the agendas, work process customizations, time-following, run the board.

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