GitScrum for IT Teams

GitScrum for managing projects and their daily respective tasks with focus in TI teams

Pay Monthly
Pay Anually20% off

Up to 4 users


Special for small teams

Monthly flat fee


Team up to 10 users

11-150 users


Per user active

Get up to 20 members for Free – Invite 5 friends and get 1-year totally for free

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I evaluate a product for free before purchasing it?

GitScrum is free for teams up to 4 members.

What is the process for ordering GitScrum?

When accessing the software and setting the number of members to use, you must go to settings and make a payment.

Are there any applicable taxes?

No, the taxes are already included in the values.

Can I change plans anytime I want?

The plans (number of users) can be modified at any moment. The contracts can be monthly or annual.