When we think about productivity, there is an automatic thought about ourselves and how we really want to “do more”.

“If I didn’t have to wait for the response via email”; “If I didn’t have this other project that distracted me”.

There are multiple excuses that you give to yourself to justify being less productive that you should.

And that reflects more complex problems afterwards.

Most companies are ineffective in delivering about 70% says statics.

“This is the cost of doing business in a traditional way” Says Vikram Jain (of JCURV ).

The obstacles we face every day as professionals are the same of the organizations (but amplified).

Working only part-time on projects can be tricky if you’re constantly changing priorities.

You’ll lose time. That’s a guarantee.

An agile approach encourages complete focus in one thing until you finish. When the value that the organization needs is achieved you move on to other achievement. That optimizes a level of skill that you, or your team can show to others.