Right now, agile is the choice for about 40% of It projects.

But why? Why do people continue to not approve this methodology or preferring other? It’s a recent thing, and we have the power to change that percentage together.  Software development is a relatively new discipline. We are all still learning. For many, Agile has not demonstrated full software delivery.

Many large-scale agile transformations are struggling. Some have failed. Others can’t figure out why things aren’t working after multiple attempts. It’s easy to blame the people, the process, and the culture. And it’s especially easy to blame management. However, the underlying problem is that most large organizations weren’t built to be agile. agile is more suited for small-to-medium size organizations than corporations. It’s also recommended for startups for example.

It’s “Hard to predict”; “Final Product is not released first”; “Documentation gets left behind” It’s the Cons that you thought instantly.

But the Pros don’t compensate the cons?

  • You can deploy software quicker, waste less resources, detect and fix issues faster, spend less time on meaningless work, get immediate feedback, experiment and test ideas, all this without having to worry about premature optimization.

The real question is: Why shouldn’t you choose agile?