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Our roadmap
for the next few months


Many features that are in our roadmap are already being developed.

We believe in meritocracy and democracy. We have a Facebook group where our clients vote on the next features and also suggest new features for the roadmap.


Estimation Using Planning Poker / Manage User Stories as a spreadsheet / Manage Task as a spreadsheet / Manage Pull Request / Duplicate projects / Custom fields for tasks / Gantt charts / Templates for checklist / Bulk Import Tasks from Excel / Evaluation of code and tasks by teammates / Custom KPI Dashboard / Create notebooks / Highlight for professionals with higher performance


Multiple Companies / Bulk Import Members from Excel / Custom Logo / Email White Label


Badges / Leaderboards / Challenges


Zapier / JIRA / Harvest / Google Calendar


Mobile App / Inbox / Search with Elastic Search


Chinese / Russian / German / Arabic / Spanish / Portuguese / Italian / French / Indonesian / Dutch / Swedish / Danish / Japanese / Vietnamese