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The warehouse manager (WM) App will have 3 tabs: PO, requests, history. In the history tab, search by PO, request number, distributor name and Branch name. Filters for the same too In the PO tab, search by PO number and distributor name In the request tab, search by request number and Branch name The WM, will have a list of all the PO’s that have been received by the WP, Tile heading will show the PO number, date of creation, scanned date/time, distributor name. After clicking on the tile, the user will see items (sku name brand size) scanned qt v ordered qt – all of these are non-editable. Quantities that don’t match will be highlighted in grey and have a red bar. When clicking on the tile with the red bar, a pop-up will be displayed, where user needs to select a reason for the mismatch. Reasons include: Shortage from Distributor, Damaged by Distributor, Damaged in Warehouse. Once reason is selected, the grey highlight will fade away, but the red mark will remain. Once verified, user will click on “Send to Accountant”. Once done, user will be redirected to the PO listing screen.