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PO Generation: The PO against the distributor will be generated by the admin in the admin panel. PO creation will be done under the Generate tab. Clicking on the PO will lead to another page comprising: - PO number - Distributor Name - SKU’s - Quantity SKU and Quantity will be shown in a table form. Once details are filled, user will click on Save and will exit. PO Tracking: All PO’s created will be listed down. In an expanded state, all details will be shown. Details include: - Header: PO number, distributor, generated date, Received date, (total) Purchase price, status - Expanded state: WP name, WM name, Accountant name, previous purchase price. - Items (sku, name, brand, size, qt ordered, qt received, shortage, reason) - Different states along with the dates. Status for PO’s: - Pending: Not scanned by the warehouse personnel - Procurement: Scanned by the warehouse personnel - Verification: Verified by the WM - Received: Price entered by the Accountant Filters in the PO lisitng include: Distributor, status, Shortage Search by everything




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