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Develop Your Agile Coach Skills with the over-the-top project management tool!

Discover why GitScrum is the best software to make your team grow.


GitScrum for Agile Coaches

Integrated Teams

Create a bond between your leadership and your team, presenting Agile methodology in a better and more effective structure.

Potentialize the workflow

Never again will you have a hard time to delegate tasks in your team. Deliver the best experience in your workspace among various GitScrum project features and permanently improve your team’s competitiveness and effectiveness.

Train your team with the best tool of the market

GitScrum is the right tool for Agile coaches and for those who work with agile methodology. Introduce in your team the tool that better functions for sprints, kanban and many others features.

Objectiveness is the key

Once you know your team and your leadership, you get to go straight on the point with the company’s goals. Take shortcuts into the best results and see them increase with Agile methodology, in the right tool.


Be the bridge that is missing in your company with GitScrum


For a moment, you must be thinking about why GitScrum should be the home of your team and make you settle better outcomes. Today, it is known that creating agile and effective spaces is a must-want at work environment.

Some companies crave for an Agile coach with a solid technical background, while others may want someone who can gain leadership to embrace change. As companies continue their agile strategies, they might consult an Agile coach for specific questions.

GitScrum' project management tool is the right answer for your developing work as an Agile coach to lead and look for process improvement. Drop the tasks and easily get what your team is doing and progressing in the whole process. If you want to have real results and take advantage of everything Git Scrum’s project management tool offers, take it for granted! Do you want to see productivity? Or even effectiveness? And what about fast-paced delivered tasks? Any of your answers will give you the certainty on what is the best choice of the market. Be part of our community!

Get to know agile leadership processes in great companies


Do you know why there are so many processes in vast companies that fail in results? Because the inner teams don’t have the right leaders and the right professionals to see the problem and get it solved. The Agile coaches are the ones who deal with work processes and get the best efforts from your teams. And Agile project management is the pathway to bring fast and effective outcomes.

Use our Task Custom Fields just like these big companies do in order to make tasks even more specific, such as small text, long text, selectable and checkout. For instance, you can help your team understand their missions with bullets, answer clients’ requests or even clarify a variety of questions. Test our workflow procedures and utilize subtasks to help organize work boards.

Track the results of your team with the most valuable tool for project management and reach all your goals with GitScrum. Try for Free and check it out!

Monitor Assignments And Progressions Of Your Team With GitScrum Gantt Charts

Monitor your business analysts team's scale and be ready to go to the next step, such as assignments or work schedules.

GitScrum Board Features
GitScrum Rock Star Team to Energize Your Team Members

Stimulate your agile team members with rewards to the ones who reach the top goals of the week and bring them together!

Speed Up Weekly Results With GitScrum Sprints

Create deadlines and monitor your team performance weekly. Motivate them, integrating sprints with gamification.

Evaluate your Team's Tasks with GitScrum Task Effort

Evaluate how much time you spend with demands of your team members and decide the best options with this feature.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you capitalize improvements in your team with GitScrum?

GitScrum's tool turns your Agile coach’s life easy if you seek the best features to evaluate and evolve together with your team members. Lead them with Sprints, Kanban boards and Gantt charts and raise your productivity weekly!

Does GitScrum help me to break the ice with my team members?

This is an important question, because Agile coaches have barriers to break and introduce new cultures in a team. GitScrum developed outstanding features, such as Rock Star team and Sprints, in order to help your team to find better results by stimulation and drive them to your leadership.

How Can I Promote Awareness in my Team with GitScrum?

GitScrum's tool is more efficient when we talk about scheduling your agenda. There are plenty of features that GitScrum created to facilitate creation of tasks and they are good instruments to keep you in control of all situations weekly.

How can GitScrum Help me on Identifying Gaps in my Team Members?

Are you concerned about your team not delivering outcomes? Perhaps you need some efficient tools to find gaps in the process, such as Sprints, and see what is going right or wrong with your team members.

Why is Gitscrum the right tool to bring commitment among members?

GitScrum has the best features to showcase Agile coaches and team members their responsibilities. In order to power up the sense of commitment among the members, Task Type brings customized different tasks, labeling them with different colors, for easy identification by workers. It’s the necessary tool to supervise your members and see who are your best staff workers.