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Innovative Management for Churches and Nonprofit Organizations

Make a stronger impact with your volunteers applying Agile principles


GitScrum for your Church and Nonprofit

Effective Non-profitable Work Management

Manage your church & nonprofit with Agile and Scrum methodologies so you do a great job moving forward with your mission for positive change.

Follow all the organizational activities evolutions

Keep track of each step of organizing campaigns to attract more donations and offerings, giving back to your community with charity, doing volunteer and missionary work with GitScrum help.

Act more efficiently

Save valuable time and resources bringing every task related to your church & nonprofit on GitScrum, understanding precisely what to do to expand your organization faster.

Keep track of your charity accomplishments

Give more back through your work, making a more significant impact using Agile systems with GitScrum Project Management features to help your organization achieve what you expect.


You can’t afford wasting valuable resources, such as time and energy!


We all know money is not the only answer to solve the world’s problems your volunteers care for.

You and people that believe and act to accomplish your mission, whether it is saving the environment or spreading the fruits of your faith, need to do the work required to accomplish the goals to consider the mission done. However, keeping doing things the old ways is not the smartest idea.

GitScrum offers you not only the right features to manage your charity, church or other nonprofit organization with more efficiency, so you can do what you do, spending less time, energy and money, but give you the workspace you can innovate, to keep optimizing the way you approach the work you do for the best results.

Share A Common Ground With GitScrum and Silicon Valley giants


Nonprofit and Churches never get old, but their work methods do. That’s why to remain relevant with your cause, you have to find new ways and better tools to reach your organization’s goals in today's world.

The same principles that move technology companies to the next level with productivity and efficiency using Agile frameworks can also work for nonprofits and Church organizations everywhere. GitScrum is a simple to use yet complete Project Management Tool.

No matter the cause and purpose of doing something meaningful, spreading the message of your faith and volunteer work, you can manage that with more efficiency, collaboration, and productivity using our GitScrum Project Management Tool.

Board for Community Work, Fundraising and Volunteering

Manage social activities to complete the mission of your church or nonprofit organization from start to finish.

GitScrum Board Features
GitScrum Gantt Charts for Smart Nonprofit Projects Monitoring

Take your nonprofit organization off the ground, managing your projects with GitScrum Gantt Charts for a broad view of schedules.

GitScrum Task Effort to Revolutionize Nonprofit Efficiency

Evaluate time and energy investment to choose the most strategic actions and reach your goals!

GitScrum User Stories to Understand and Attract Members and Donors

Compel people to contribute with your cause, figure the best actions to spread your message and attract more contributors.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is the GitScrum Project Management Tool relevant for my church and nonprofit?

Churches and nonprofits management is no different than other organizations. GitScrum facilitates the management of all areas of churches and nonprofits with a simple to use project management tool, whether for fundraising, event organization, charity work for disadvantaged communities, and more. Using GitScrum, you can manage all the tasks, create workflows to start and finish work, and use all the features available to keep track of all your projects in one place.

How can people that work with my church and nonprofit organization use GitScrum?

Using the affordable GitScrum Subscription, you can invite unlimited users to collaborate with your church and nonprofit projects created directly from your workspace. You can make the projects private or public. Start adding users for your projects, invite your co-workers through email to create a GitScrum account if they don’t have one. Then start to assign the users for each task to work on each project. Explore all the features available on GitScrum Project Management Tool and see how your productivity rises as a result.

What is the proper GitScrum Subscription for churches and nonprofits?

We recommend the GitScrum Unlimited. It is not only affordable compared to other Project management tools that do the same, but you enjoy all that GitScum has to offer on features, unlimited users, unlimited storage, GitScrum White Label, and more.

Why is Agile relevant for churches and nonprofits?

Agile comes to solve problems that almost every team faces while working on projects, and that’s productivity, collaboration, and delivering the project as done. Scrum and Agile frameworks were most commonly used for software development. However, it was just a matter of time to notice the same principles of Agile & Scrum can be applied to every organization, including churches and nonprofits.

Why is GitScrum the right option for churches and nonprofits?

We make the GitScrum Project Management Tool simple to navigate. GitScrum offers the right set of features you can use. You notice the improvement in how you can manage all the work of your church and nonprofit needed to spread the gospel or do positive change through charity without complexity. It’s the perfect tool to get started in project management tools using the vital project management features without missing other advanced features to get the job done faster and better.

How many projects can I create inside GitScrum?

You can start and work on an unlimited number of projects once you create your GitScrum account and choose the best Subscription that meets your needs.