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Use GitScrum’s project management tool to build an Agile team for your superior projects


GitScrum for Construction Managers

Manage Complex Solutions

When you deal with industrial or residential civil construction, GitScrum offers you the ideal tool to manage complex solutions, handling all scopes of your projects. Use it to manage your technical, financing, design, construction, procurement, and other projects by theme or fits you better.

Build an Agile Team to Deliver Superior Projects Faster

GitScrum’s Agile project management tool helps you lead all your team’s activities, assign clear responsibilities to each collaborator and monitor their accomplishments. Keep track of every project’s evolution, and let our tool help you motivate the team to perform better. Set high standard goals and encourage them to meet deadlines and increase productivity.

Smart Workflow Management to Handle Multiple Projects

Handle several different projects, dozens of clients, and numerous responsibilities simultaneously, keeping charge of each one of them. Use GitScrum’s intelligent workflow and workboard for time and task management. Organize teams, create tasks, subtasks and assignments, so you’ll be able to control all your project’s status at a glance.

Smart Charts to Help Productivity and Profitability Gain

Use smart charts for schedule control, financial planning and overall cost reduction. Demonstrate accurate information to stakeholders and make adjustments at any stage of the construction processes.


Dynamic As Projects Must Be


The market is as dynamic as time. So are tendencies, clients, and unforeseen events. Why shouldn’t you, your demands, and your projects be? Market analysis, research, client briefing, budgeting, and project planning are common steps in many work areas at developing projects. However, when it comes to implementing changes, costs might rise very differently in some businesses, like construction. Even so, in today’s world, it’s mandatory to develop the best possible adaptability. And your project management tool must help you with this mission.

GitScrum was designed to help robust businesses like yours implement changes any time in projects, even late. It is the ideal communication platform to keep all stakeholders in touch, collaborating towards your company’s goals.

It’s also a smart project management tool to build customer loyalty and avoid future trouble since you can use it to include real user’s collaborations – an innovative, proactive routine to “listen to customers” and use their standpoints to make adjustments and improvements in your projects.

Keep Up With Your Profession's Growth


The employment of construction managers has projected to grow faster and above-average than other occupations in the next few years. For instance, only in the USA, its estimated growth between 2012 and 2022 is 16%, and 8% from 2019 to 2029 (U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics), with similar rates worldwide. Despite the expanding market, about half of construction managers have not found the appropriate tool to handle their increasing responsibilities. GitScrum is aware of this context and wants to help you keep up with your profession’s growth.

According to KPMG’s 2015 Global Construction Survey, only 50% of 100 construction firms interviewed used project management software, not to count the ones dissatisfied with low-performing apps. We know there are more than 100 legal responsibilities assigned to your position, and we’ve developed an efficient project management tool to help you handle all of them, coordinate complex construction projects from the outset to delivery, manage your team, and administrate the budget.

Use GitScrum to create invaluable work for your clients, contractors, and society. Be ahead in your profession and guide your teams to hand in multiple quality projects in time. Intelligent project management is a core competence of this decade’s leading successful construction managers.

GitScrum Board for Engineering and Construction Workforce Management

Use GitScrum Board to manage your team’s activities, create tasks, subtasks, assign responsibilities and establish deadlines, so you can encourage team members to meet them.

GitScrum Board Features
GitScrum Mind Mapping Builds Bridges to Your Goals

Use GitScrum Mind Mapping to organize your plants and other ideas in a visual way, with the possibility to allow the team to collaborate and add useful data.

GitScrum Gantt Charts for Construction Project Follow-Ups

Use GitScrum Gantt Charts to keep track of your projects’ evolution, control schedules and ensure accomplishments.

GitScrum Sprints to Lift Productivity in Buildings

Create weekly GitScrum Sprints to monitor team performance, motivate them to deliver more projects and commit to company’s goals.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is GitScrum Project Management Tool?

It’s a project management tool based on Scrum and Agile methodology, which offers construction managers the most efficient features to handle your hundreds of responsibilities and multiple projects at a time so that you can attend to all your client’s demands. It’s entirely online. No downloads are needed.

Are Project Templates Customizable at GitScrum’s Project Management Tool?

Yes, you can customize project templates and create custom fields for all your projects or use the ones available. You can create templates by work areas, such as constructions, workforce hiring, acquisitions, and others, or sort them as you wish.

What differs GitScrum’s Project Management Tool from others?

GitScrum’s tool is easy to use but complete for construction managers. It offers you all the necessary features to fully manage several projects from start to finish. Choose our Business version and get a GitScrum White Label feature to replace GitScrum’s logo by yours and impress your clients.

How Can GitScrum Project Management Tool Help Me as a Construction Manager?

GitScrum helps you manage time, teams, projects, and budget. Fix your projects, GitScrum Board, GitScrum Sprints, tasks for completion and deadline meeting. All these will help you monitor and instruct engineers and foremen activities, providing them tools to lead the building workforce.

What are the Main Advantages of GitScrum’s Project Management Tool for Construction Managers?

GitScrum helps you increase team productivity by using the Agile project management methodology to work and prioritize valuable tasks, besides getting an overview of multiple construction projects and their different stages and schedules. It makes it easier to monitor and control assignments, as well as interact with supervisors.

Why should I invest in GitScrum's Project Management Tool?

Increase your profitability with GitScrum’s agile project management tool. Purchase a lifetime license and check it’s more affordable than others. Try it for free and see for yourself it’s the ideal tool for construction managers! Use our mobile app and be fully enabled to support your contractor’s demands.