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Project Management Tool

GitScrum for Designers

Welcome Innovations by Building an Agile Design Team with GitScrum

GitScrum’s project management tool created to make design teams perform better and wow their clients

GitScrum for Design Teams

Integrated Teams

Bridge the gap between designers and developers, building integrated teams for constant discussions on innovations.

Deliver Great Designs to Users
Integrate a solid feedback loop into your design process, adding GitScrum User Stories and contributions from all stakeholders. Incorporate change and deliver improvements early and often.
Stay on Schedule, See Productivity Rise
Increase productivity managing team workflow with GitScrum Board, weekly GitScrum Sprints, and project overviews to reach goals.
Focus on Design, not Project Management Tool
Stand by a simple yet efficient project management tool like GitScrum’s to manage your projects, so you can get the features to keep the charge of activities and product improvements, with no need to invest energy using the platform.
Reach Higher Levels
Agile stresses attention to excellence in technological design, which means the best functionality, clean codes, and dry rule moderation.
A New Concept of Work in Design

In the early 2000s, design teams used to work based on linear principles. They would determine requirements and send them to the designers, who would hand their designs to developers. This script imposed difficulties to implement later project evolutions, though.

The good news is, things have changed for good. Stand by GitScrum’s project management tool and stop struggling with changes and rework. It is designed to help teams like yours make quick improvements throughout product development. Our solution considers changes in scope as natural, with a more flexible and successful approach for design projects.

Create lean UX rituals for teamwork with our dynamic project management tool, allowing constant team interactions with particular feedback loops, demos, retrospectives, and outcomes. Provide early and continuous incremental releases adding real user stories. Let GitScrum make your design team Agile, stick to what matters, and deliver more!

Break Boundaries for Design Evolutions

Many companies have already discovered that traditional ERP software and isolated design teams, apart from the rest of the company, aren’t the most efficient way to attend to constant demands and improvements.

Use GitScrum project management tool to integrate designers to developers and other professionals, build user-oriented winner teams. Since our simple Kanban boards and weekly sprints, assign clear responsibilities and keep the charge of their accomplishments and deadline meetings. Facilitate collaborations like brainstorms with mind mapping and showcase outputs, so you manage to get the best creative team performance.

Welcome your teammates to the present work era, where they’ll feel motivated to collaborate in an organized way, see their performance evolve, and still have fun with the gamification of work.

Simple pricing that works at any scale

We help entrepreneurs, freelancers, agile teams, and SMBs to increase their productivity and profitability

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GitScrum Features For Design Teams

GitScrum Mind Mapping as a Dynamic Guide to Innovation

Use GitScrum Mind Mapping to do creative brainstorms, organize ideas and reference libraries for unique insights and design projects.

GitScrum Gantt Charts for Design Process Monitoring
Use GitScrum Gantt Charts to all set stages of the design process, track developing accomplishments and monitor evolutions.
GitScrum Board for Effective Design Workflow
Easy-to-use GitScrum Board to guide your design team, assign Tasks and Subtasks and keep the charge of projects’ evolutions.
GitScrum Sprints for Productivity in Graphics and Products Release
Create weekly GitScrum Sprints and monitor your designer’s performance daily by the Workload graph. Motivate them to hunt deadlines with gamification of work.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is GitScrum Project Management Tool?
It’s a fully online tool (no downloads needed), which uses Agile and Scrum methodologies to offer you the most efficient features to manage your projects and workflow, no matter if you’re a large enterprise, small business owner, or autonomous freelancer.
How can GitScrum Project Management Tool Help Me?
GitScrum’s tool helps you organize and control your workflow, set global goals and deadlines, assign tasks and subtasks to team members with clear responsibilities. Also, it allows team collaboration and project improvements with the addition of real user stories.
Are Project Templates Customizable at GitScrum’s Project Management Tool?
Yes, you can customize project templates and create custom fields to use for all your projects and use the ones available. It’s not necessary to create a new template for every new project.
What differentiates GitScrum’s Project Management tool from others?
GitScrum’s tool is simple to use yet complete. It offers you all the necessary features to keep the charge of your projects, team’s workload, and performance: Gantt charts, Kanban boards, and essential reports at your hand to get all valuable information at once. We focus on management so that you can focus on ideas.
Why should I invest in GitScrum's PM tool?
See for yourself how GitScrum’s tool is more efficient, and it’s way more affordable than other tools out there since it offers you a lifetime license. Customize your interface with our white label (replace our logo with your own) and impress your clients.
What are the Main Advantages of GitScrum for design teams?
GitScrum’s tool facilitates collaboration and improvements even later in projects by adding real user stories. It makes team interaction easy for processes like brainstorms, feedback loops, retrospectives, and outcomes evaluation. See your productivity rise along with weekly sprints!