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Project Management Tool

GitScrum for Dietitian and Nutritionists

Agile Power on Nutritional Education Programs

Manage all the nutrition needs and diet plans of your clients to increase their health, improving one healthy habit at a time.

GitScrum for Nutrition and Diet Plans

Organize and Manage all your patients’ nutrition needs

Keep track of the necessary work to recommend the right meal plans for patients wanting to transform their lives since eating habits.

Follow the process to change people’s lives through food
Use the right project management tool to run precise research and studies on which foods your potential clients might need to eat to achieve wellness.
Free up more time in your agenda
Once you start being more productive and organized with your work on project boards, you will make time available to use as you please.
Collaborate with other health professionals
From doctors to fitness trainers or other nutritionists and wellness pros, be part of projects that involve one mission in common, improving people’s health.
Enjoy your time working on better meal plans
Start multiple projects for distinct patients, set their goals to create agreeable meal plans for them, and also long term maintenance plans, so becoming healthy starts being easier for them.
Nutritionists’ work doesn’t need to be so complicated

If you are a nutritionist and diet expert you are the ideal person to inform the right nutrition factors for people to stay lean, fit and healthy. So, most people that search you for consultancy, reach their health goals through good everyday suggestions.

Now, what’s the ideal working process nutritionists and diet experts should follow to be more effective and provide clients the right nutrition plan? Have you got no idea?

You see, that’s what GitScrum comes for, simplifying what sometimes is overwhelming. It’s an easier and more productive process to focus on what matters, namely, give the best nutrition plan for each patient you come across.

Agile Principles to Improve People’s Nutrition Using GitScrum

Changing people’s food habits might not only impact their lives, but cure and prevent diseases. That’s why your profession is important, you can literally save lives.

Since you have to do your job with agility, your best option is to set a framework that helps you be more productive, to improve people’s health and their quality of life.

Start using GitScrum today, and know why nutritionists like you can improve the way they work.

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GitScrum Features For Dietitian and Nutritionists

GitScrum Board for Nutritional Programs Visualization

GitScrum boards allow you to interact with every part of the process of doing your work as a nutritionist, so you better organize and understand what to do daily.

GitScrum White Label to Display Nourishment Info to VIP Clients
Impress your most demanding clients with our professional interface. You can customize it with your logo, replacing GitScrum’s by yours, and use GitScrum to publish useful information, turning patients into health enthusiasts.
GitScrumTask Type for Nutrition Plans
Customize different templates and tasks to use on your projects. Each task can be based on elaborating the right meal plan for patients. Using task checklists you don’t forget any item.
GitScrum Documents to Save Patients’ Files
Use the GitScrum Documents option on project boards to save important files related to your patients’ diagnostics and other essential materials from your appointments.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is GitScrum really Ideal for my work as a nutritionist?
Yes, we believe as a nutritionist you can use GitScrum to provide better treatment for your patients as a result of organizing and having more control over your tasks with efficiency.
Is GitScrum as complicated to use as other project management tools out there?
GitScrum has a simple interface and is pretty intuitive to use, with just a few clicks you’re ready to start your projects and tasks related to diet plans and consultancy.
How to collaborate with other health professionals on projects I started on GitScrum?
Just invite people to collaborate with you on GitScrum project using the project link, once they sign up to create a GitScrum Profile and have permission to interact with the project board they can
How does GitScrum help me be more productive as a Nutritionist?
It’s very difficult to be productive without knowing what to do as a priority, how to start, how to follow a reliable process of work and also how to finish it with confidence. GitScrum project management tool can help you cover all these issues with features that help you keep in charge of the work, so you create the right working process as a nutritionist, getting more things done in less time.
Can I use the GitScrum Project Management Tool for my consultancy services?
Absolutely, the possibilities of using GitScrum for your consultancy process are endless, so you give the best service quality for your patients. You can organize the right work board and tasks related to each type of patient.
What’s the cost of using GitScrum?
Before telling you about the GitScrum Subscriptions, that’s the cost of not using GitScrum: keep wasting valuable time you could save for more consultancy services, for not having an efficient work process. Now you can start using GitScrum for free for 7 days, no credit card required. You can see the information about our licenses here.