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GitScrum helps you manage your projects
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Increase Productivity and Creative Output for Master Campaigns

Surprise your customer by delivering early valuable content and services with GitScrum.


GitScrum for Digital Agencies

A complete solution to help your Digital Agency achieve the best performance within budget limit

GitScrum is a project management tool that can be customized according to your team’s needs. It helps you eliminate every team’s task management problem with its process of sharing & tracking deadlines and discussions.

Update your clients in real-time on all projects

Engage your target audiences increasingly by getting them to interact with your digital agency. Add your clients to the team, get them to access GitScrum to learn the current progress of activities.

Doing Twice the Same Work in Half of the Time

GitScrum helps your Digital Agency to promote genuinely sustainable development. The product owner, team and users should be able to maintain a constant pace indefinitely.

Adapt processes to your agency

GitScrum is perfect for customizing processes and focused on understanding business, customer and market requirements.


Encourage your creative team’s self-organization and individual responsibility


For management, delegating responsibility and losing control is often a complex process. GitScrum has made this process intuitive and accessible. Design and build your team cycle as necessary using GitScrum workspace.

Reach another level of productivity and efficiency using GitScrum’s Project Management Tool. It is simple to use yet complete. Track priorities and tasks on its work Board and integrated charts.

Do quick velocity point estimates using GitScrum Task Effort to know the relative size of each of the tasks and predict their accomplishment in sprints for your project to take off.

Digital Agencies Go Agile With GitScrum!


Make plans to define a content calendar, general appearance, or quick adherence to a tricky topic. Show moodboards, develop the high-level look and feel during the vision phase that it’s easier using GitScrum Board.

Gather GitScrum User Stories to add relevant research on real customer needs and target buyer personas, supporting project owners and creative teams. Respond more quickly to customer inquiries about product issues and make changes.

Transform your Digital Agency using Agile methods and get out of traditional project management. With GitScrum, you can deliver services faster and better using integrated features to add valuable data and help your multi-talented team incorporate users’ needs to all content created and published. Use GitScrum to build web projects around motivated individuals. Give them the environment and support them to get the best digital marketing job done.

GitScrum Board to Monitor Digital Marketing Jobs Effectively

GitScrum boards allow you to have more control of all digital marketing work and sort it per area, or as you wish, organizing tasks to guide team actions.

GitScrum Board Features
GitScrum White Label Interface to Impress Clients and Advertisers

Have your own professional interface to assist your clients and their advertisers, partners and sponsors. Showcase your logo, replacing GitScrum’s by yours.

GitScrum Sprints to Add Weekly Campaigns and Compare their Timeframe Results

Add digital marketing campaigns to your team’s weekly sprints, evaluate weekly results. Allow the team to manage their assignments according to deadlines.

Use GitScrum Mind Maps for Digital Strategies Brainstorm and Innovative Connections

Promote collaborative brainstorms and strategic planning using GitScrum Mind Maps and keep record of all team members ideas. Use this feature for presentations and graphics creation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can this board be used for non-developers? I was looking into using this across our agency's teams to replace Trello.

Yes. GitScrum isn't specific for software companies. GitScrum works excellently to replace Trello.

I don't know anything about agile methodology. Is this necessary to understand the methodology?

You do not need to know the agile methodology to use GitScrum.

How do I sign up?

You can begin by creating a free account, where you can try our features out. We won’t collect your credit card information until you’ve determined GitScrum is right for you.

Which project management methods and which GitScrum tools are used in Digital Agencies?

Many agile Digital Agencies use Scrum or Kanban for project management or selected innovation tools, such as Design Thinking for creative processes. Use GitScrum Sprints and GitScrum Gantt charts integrated to your work GitScrum Board so this features set will lead your agency to productivity. You’ll also love GitScrum User Stories as a research and briefing tool, to build user oriented improvements of services and products.