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Nail Social Media Challenges With Consistent Influence

Manage each part of work and growth in social media, spreading your message further with consistency worldwide


GitScrum for Digital Influencer

Engage your audience with more efficiency

To stay relevant for your audience, you have to engage them and be on top of their minds. Plan to execute work that does precisely that using GitScrum.

The Agile Digital Influencer

GitScrum gives you a set of resources and features to practice Agile in every part of the process to publish content people care about with productivity and consistency.

Organize Your Influence Production

From your video scripts to design drafts and images, put everything in its place for completion and get the ideal results.

The Work Process That Works For You

With GitScrum, you can find the correct work processes for every area you need to develop, so you better engage all your followers, fans, and sponsors.


Keep In Charge of Your Influence


When your digital influence career starts to be even more professional, you become more significant and outstanding, and the stakes begin to become a little higher.

Better sponsors start to contact you for partnerships. You have to partner just with brands relevant to your own, choose the best professionals for collaborations, better equipment is needed to produce excellent online content of better quality. Responsibilities and demands increase. Are you feeling the stress?

GitScrum and its features help you become a significant success in the digital influence game. While you build a considerable audience, you also develop more excellent management skills to keep up with all the work that comes with your online following.

Break Boundaries for Design Evolutions


Don’t waste too much energy on managing all the content it takes to engage your fans and keep wondering what kind of information is valuable for them. We help you with management, so you’re able to focus on content.

If your goal is to create daily content that inspires people or share exciting things about your life, people can relate to it. Do something that entertains them, provide better and more joyful days in some unique and personal way. Use GitScrum project management tool and its features to help organize your editorial calendar, set weekly and monthly goals, assign tasks and collaborate with team, partners and sponsors.

You can impact people’s lives with the ability to produce more engaging internet content with efficiency and agility with a little bit of help from GitScrum Project Management Tool.

Brainstorm The Coolest Viral Ideas with GitScrum Mind Mapping

Use GitScrum Mind Mapping to get your content ideas out of your head, connect them to bring to life your following viral content.

GitScrum Board Features
Make Awesome Daily Content Possible with GitScrum Board

Organize each week’s daily content and tasks on the project board’s workflow, so you do not have to wonder what you and your team have to do each day to accomplish your goals.

Focus on your Followers with GitScrum User Stories

Understand what type of content engages your audience the most, so you prioritize that instead of irrelevant content. GitScrum User stories allow you to focus on your fans for content that gets you where you want.

GitScrum White Label Interface to Keep in Touch with Digital Partners

Have your own branded area to interact with clients, creative workers, sponsors and suppliers. Showcase your logo, replacing Gitscrum’s by your own.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is GitScrum the best project management tool for Digital Influencers?

What makes GitScrum different is the intuitive experience and its simplicity to use. You don’t get lost in useless features you don’t use. Each component available has the purpose of making your work even more productive. Another advantage is its ability to make you work with Agile methods at ease.

How can I customize GitScrum for my Digital Influence business?

GitScrum gives you many options to customize your workspace and GitScrum board to collaborate with workers, clients and sponsors the way that fits you best. You can create templates with task custom fields, customize projects for each area that plays a part in your production. Now, in case you want to move one step further on the GitScrum customization, use the GitScrum WhiteLabel options, it is only available in the Business License, so you replace GitScrum’s logo by yours.

What’s the best GitScrum Subscription for Digital Influencers?

We recommend the GitScrum Unlimited, which is way affordable compared to other project management tool solutions on the market and is the complete option available for unlimited users and lifetime access to create unlimited projects, including the GitScrum White label and free SSL.

How can Digital influencers practice Scrum and Agile with GitScrum?

You can use all the Agile features, like GitScrum Sprints, attribute some effort estimates for your tasks; GitScrum User Stories to help research on target audiences and guide your content so you can engage them. That way, you integrate Scrum and Agile working processes for your Digital Influence business.

Is there a limit for adding team members to work on my projects?

With the GitScrum Unlimited, you can add an unlimited number of users as team members to work with you on projects and assign them tasks.

How to update my work progress on GitScrum?

Once you create your projects with the workflow process in them, all you have to do is move each task to the part you are currently working on until you move the task to “done”. Update the progress inside the task block or drag and drop tasks in the workflow column that best describes their current status.