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We Help You Reach Excellence as an Executive Assistant even with Several Demands

Now you’ve got help! GitScrum is the smart Executive Assistant’s Assistant!


GitScrum for Executive Assistant

Manage Multiple Clients

GitScrum offers the ideal tool for you to manage your numerous clients’ projects and their daily demands. Use our interface to interact and collaborate with them, being responsive at once.

Dynamic Way to Organize Your Tasks

Use GitScrum’s smart project management tool to organize several tasks by theme (financial, assisting, marketing, sales, CRM). Include tasks and subtasks and events on your activity calendar to monitor accomplishments, and be sure you won’t miss any vital assignment!

Increase Your Productivity with GitScrum’s Agile Method

Create weekly sprints with reasonable goals and visually monitor them to accomplish them. Allow your clients to be aware of these evolutions in real-time, as well, so they can simply check their projects’ status instead of having to call or text you.

Interact With Customers and Suppliers

Use GitScrum’s tool to interact with your client’s customers and suppliers, plan and control acquisitions, mediate and manage customer feedback for customer loyalty projects.


You Help Them All, We Help You!


An executive assistant is like a mom. Someone with several responsibilities, multi-skilled, extremely dedicated, and the first to be called for every matter. Sometimes, it’s not easy to answer a lot of calls at the same time, right? And more, when everyone claims for you, who are you going to claim for? Well, we thought about you and your needs.

GitScrum wants to help make things better in your work routine and lead you to better results. Our project management tool is ideal for turning you into the confident, calm, and high-level executive assistant you are willing to become. Start today and see the change in your personal and professional life.

We help you optimize processes to provide fast, helpful information regularly, so you can reduce passive charges for responses and improve proactive feedback to clients. Reach a high productivity standard with GitScrum! Stand by our premium support and be assisted whenever you need it. If there’s someone who deserves to be taken care of, that someone is you!

Executive Assistants Far Beyond Phone and Typing


Gone is the time when “executive assistants” were professionals hired only to answer the phone and type long texts. Even in the old days, we know they always did much more because there were always extra tasks in companies’ routines. Nowadays, the profession gains new requirements, and the more assignments they embrace, the more evident it becomes that it takes a solid and intelligent management tool to support it.

Companies and agencies are hiring executive assistants who can handle public relations, financial tasks, sales and commercial activities, deal with digital marketing, human resources, and more. Clients select services from a broad portfolio range and delegate more responsibilities each day. GitScrum has come to be the high-tech virtual assistant’s assistant!

Stand by GitScrum’s project management tool to deliver efficient and responsive service to all your clients, handle projects in every occupation assigned to you and provide your clients rich reports for strategic decisions with agility.

GitScrum Mind Maps For Plain Organized Jobs

Use GitScrum Mind Maps to store all your client’s projects and activities planned, besides your own, to help put ideas into practice.

GitScrum Board Features
GitScrum Gantt Charts To Cross-Data And Support Executive Plans

Use GitScrum Gantt Charts to provide information and feedback to clients, demonstrate data and support their decisions

GitScrum Board As Your Personal Assistant

Let our workflow tool help you as your assistant. Include tasks and subtasks with valuable references, and it’ll remind you what to do and help you meet deadlines, and hand you the necessary details right in time.

Power Up Productivity for Satisfying Your Clients With GitScrum Sprints

Monitor individual or team accomplishments with weekly sprints, analyze performance evolution, and increase your productivity. The client’s gratitude will be a consequence!

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is GitScrum Project Management Tool?

It’s a project management tool based on Scrum and Agile methodology, which offers you the most efficient features to manage your numerous executive tasks, so you can handle all your client’s demands and be responsive to them. It’s entirely online. No downloads are needed.

How Can GitScrum Project Management Tool Help Me as an Executive Assistant?

GitScrum helps you organize and control your daily client’s demands, set tasks, and deadlines. It also allows you to collaborate with clients and suppliers to keep the charge of all your responsibilities.

Are Project Templates Customizable at GitScrum’s Project Management Tool?

Yes, you can customize project templates and create custom fields to use for all your projects and use the ones available. It’s not necessary to create a new template for every new project. You can create templates by theme and work areas, such as finance, marketing, sales, CRM, human resources, acquisitions, and others, or sort them as you wish.

What are the Main Advantages of GitScrum’s Project Management Tool for Executive Assistants?

GitScrum’s tool works like it’s the assistant’s assistant. It is the most helpful and most innovative tool to manage multiple clients, projects, and work areas simultaneously and easily collaborate with all parties involved (clients, suppliers, stakeholders, partners) to be responsive and present information the most proactive way.

What differentiates GitScrum’s Project Management Tool from others?

GitScrum’s tool is easy to use for you and all types of clients. Yet, it offers you all the necessary features to fully manage client's activities. Use Gantt charts, Kanban boards, and essential reports to get all valuable information at once.