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Become Agile and See Financial Performance Rise

Improve management capacity and finance team productivity using GitScrum

The Best GitScrum White Label The Best GitScrum White Label

GitScrum for Financial Manager

Simplify and define processes

Help your team become agile and manage projects efficiently to deal with a variety of ways in which the post-crisis world might evolve.

Focus on daily Productivity

Increase productivity with visual Agile work board management, weekly sprints and project overviews to reach goals.

Facilitate research and feedback

Align plans across finance and all your business projects using Agile tools like GitScrum User Stories.

Gain deeper understanding of costs and profitability

Undertake a systematic assessment of costs and profitability to keep on budget


Bolstering productivity


The organization develops a detailed understanding of how the regulatory and business environments may shift constantly.

The CFO’s leadership role can help boost productivity through agile management projects, not just within finance but also across the enterprise to reduce bottlenecks and risks.

The usage of appropriate tools can also play a critical role in helping companies effectively communicate the right narrative to both internal and external stakeholders and share the same data set, so that everyone can access the right numbers each time information is updated. GitScrum is the smartest tool to enable this performance. Use project templates and tasks to demonstrate objectives and make teams manage their assignments in a more creative and intuitive way, generating more results and adding value to your services.GitScrum's project management tool helps financial leaders and remote teams become more productive.

Empower employees to collaborate safely and remotely


Collaboration is important in remote work environments. Reports allow transparency and visibility, allowing key stakeholders to collaborate and safely share qualitative and quantitative information when creating financial, administrative and statutory reports.

However, it is necessary to share this information with the remote team and update it constantly. To assist you in this arduous task of monitoring indexes and financial information, GitScrum Project Management Toll offers a range of agile tools that facilitate the team's daily life.

Board for Team’s Collaboration

Manage tasks and decisions about weekly tasks and assignments and where to take the business projects, collaborating with your team.

The Best GitScrum Board The Best GitScrum Board
Make the best Financial Decisions using GitScrum Task Effort

Estimates on how much effort is about to be invested on each task, to help decisions on tasks selections and assignments.

Use GitScrum Sprints to Raise Financial Team Productivity Rate

Create weekly GitScrum Sprints, monitor team performance daily, and encourage the team to overcome deadlines and accomplishments.

Monitor Financial Accomplishments Wisely with GitScrum Gantt Charts

Use GitScrum Gantt Charts to monitor your team’s weekly advances and accomplishments, keep track of project’s schedules and overview all evolutions.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is GitScrum Project Management Tool?

It’s a fully online tool (no downloads needed), which uses Agile and Scrum methodologies to offer you the most efficient features to manage your finances and projects, as well as your business growth.

How can GitScrum Project Management Tool Help Me?

GitScrum’s tool helps you organize and control your workflow, set global goals and deadlines, assign tasks and subtasks to team members, with clear responsibilities. Also, it allows team collaboration and data control to help strategic decisions.

Are Project Templates Customizable at GitScrum PM Tool?

Yes, you can customize project’s templates and create task custom fields to use for all your projects, as well as use the ones available. It’s not necessary to create a new template for every new project.

What are the Main Advantages of GitScrum’ Tool for Finance Teams?

GitScrum’s tool facilitates collaboration and improvements even later in projects by adding real user stories, and it makes team interaction easy for processes like brainstorms, feedback loops, retrospectives and outcomes evaluation. See your productivity rise along weekly sprints!

What differentiates GitScrum’s Project Management Tool from others?

GitScrum’s tool is simple to use, yet complete. It offers you all necessary features to keep charge of your projects, team’s workload and performance. Gantt charts, Kanban boards and essential reports at your hand to get all valuable information at once. We focus on management, so you can focus on your core business.

Why should I invest in GitScrum's Project Management Tool?

See for yourself how GitScrum’s tool is more efficient, and it’s way more affordable than other tools out there, since it offers you a lifetime license. Reach better results with a smart project management tool and surpass your competitors.

Agile Teams Power Up Your Agile Team for Cutting-Edge Digital Transformation

Stand by GitScrum’s project management tool for a self-motivated productivity overcomer team.

Agile Coach Develop Your Agile Coach Skills with the over-the-top project management tool!

Discover why GitScrum is the best software to make your team grow.

Churches and Nonprofit Innovative Management for Churches and Nonprofit Organizations

Make a stronger impact with your volunteers applying Agile principles.

Compliance Officer Agile Aligned with Regulatory Guidelines, the Basis for Compliance Office Organization

Manage risks and train skilled labor with more flexibility and efficiency.

Construction Manager Structure Foundation for the Highest Construction Delivery Standards

Use GitScrum’s project management tool to build an Agile team for your superior projects.

Customer Support Join a Global Solution to Make Customers Happier

Update your operational model with GitScrum and offer the best customer support experience!

Designers Welcome Innovations by Building an Agile Design Team with GitScrum

GitScrum’s project management tool created to make design teams perform better and wow their clients.

Dietitian and Nutritionists Agile Power on Nutritional Education Programs

Manage all the nutrition needs and diet plans of your clients to increase their health, improving one healthy habit at a time.

Digital Agencies Increase Productivity and Creative Output for Master Campaigns

Surprise your customer by delivering early valuable content and services with GitScrum.

Digital Influencer Nail Social Media Challenges With Consistent Influence

Manage each part of work and growth in social media, spreading your message further with consistency worldwide.

Executive Assistant We Help You Reach Excellence as an Executive Assistant even with Several Demands

Now you’ve got help! GitScrum is the smart Executive Assistant’s Assistant!

Finance Finance Competitiveness Focusing on Customer Experience

Clear alignment among business and teams objectives is the first step for the Agile Revolution in financial services.

Financial Manager Become Agile and See Financial Performance Rise

Improve management capacity and finance team productivity using GitScrum.

Fitness Workers Empower Your Fitness Business Just Like You Strengthen Muscles

Keep track of your teamwork, focus on core matters, helping customers reach their body goals.

Housekeeper Agencies Smart Manage Housekeeping Workforce to Reach Excellence in Cleaning Services

Use GitScrum’s Agile project management tool to conquer unrivaled corporate reputation.

Human Resources Modern and Digital Human Resource with Agile

Start an organizational transformation to focus on your talents.

IT Operations Increase IT Operations Performance

All your IT Operations projects and tasks can be easily managed using GitScrum to accomplish all your IT Infrastructure goals.

Law Firm Increase Efficiency and Profitability with Agile Law Practices

GitScrum helps Law Firms adopt a flexible approach to project development and improve web-based services to operate as Modern Lawyers.

Marketing Manager Hit Greater Marketing Results with Smart Project Management

Skyrocket your productivity and create profitable marketing machines up and running in no time.

Event Planner Focus on Multi Tasking Agile Collaboration for Successful Events

Achieve excellence at planning meetings and conventions with GitScrum Project Management Tool!

Real Estate Brokers Open Doors and Close More Deals with Project Management In Real Estate

Skyrocket your productivity to attract more customers, managing brokerage for profitability.

Remote Workers Render Your Path to the Most Fulfilling Remote Work Experience

Faraway, so close. Use GitScrum’s smart project management tool to work closer to your team and rise to the top.

Sales Teams For Sales Teams Who Want More Productivity and Breakthrough Results

Manage sales activities with GitScrum and reach your commercial goals the Agile way, starting today.

Schools Improve your Student’s Learning Experience

Upgrade your educational process with GitScrum’s smart project management tool!

Software Developer Fast Easy Manage Software ‘n’ Apps Development

Optimize the developing process and UX research. Create applications people actually love, starting now.

Translators and Interpreters Break Boundaries and Go Further as a Translator and Interpreter with GitScrum

Use high tech Agile resources to reach opportunities first.

Travel Agencies Agile Management for Dynamic Travel Agencies

Make your customers’ VIP services dream come true. Pivot and adapt quickly, working stress-free.

UX Designers Create a Highly Collaborative Agile UX Design Team with GitScrum

GitScrum’s project management makes Usability Design teams perform united and effective using a mix of excellent tools.

Web Developers Smart Project Management with Agile, a Trend for Web Developers

Improve daily performance, keep up to date with ultimate helpful tools and automate your project management.

Writers Productivity to Pump Up Your Writing and Publishing Projects

If you write novels, nonfiction, technical ebooks or create as a publisher, you can accomplish more with GitScrum.

Youtubers Drive Audience Engagement and Rank on Top on Youtube with GitScrum

GitScrum’s project management tool is the most optimized way for your Youtube team to power relevant productions and viewership.