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- Solutions - GitScrum for Fitness Workers

Empower Your Fitness Business Just Like You Strengthen Muscles

Keep track of your teamwork, focus on core matters, helping customers reach their body goals.


GitScrum for Fitness Workers

Innovate The Way you Manage Gym

GitScrum allows you to keep track of exercises you and your coworkers do daily, being aware of important work, so you run your gym smoothly.

Don’t lift extra weights in organizational work

Let GitScrum take care of all the essential information you try to keep in mind but would forget to improve the client’s body results.

Encourage collaboration among trainers

Create the proper process to set the trainer's quality standard of treatment for customers ready to start and finish their workout.

Work on your gym as an easy workout session

Using the GitScrum project management tool is like doing a series of 10 reps. Lifting just 1lb, completing each part of the process, you work more straightforwardly.


A similar dynamic to create training to grow muscles and improve body performance is used to manage your work


We bet as a Personal Trainer, Gym Owner, or Gym teacher. You understand more about hypertrophy, body development, and the correct exercises to reach body and wellness goals than 99% of people. That’s why people search for you and trust you as a fitness expert for their body goals.

Guess what? Productivity is like a muscle that you also can develop and grow through practice, and for that reason, you have to use the right tools and systems, so you don’t be stuck, avoid burnout at work and other issues that can cause you more stress than bring you to work that you love.

Give GitScrum a try, and start developing strength to manage all the work you do in the gym at ease, moving each task for completion faster.

Practicing agile inside gym and fitness studios


All GitScrum features are made for you to practice Agile in your gym with no hassle, no board, and no sticky notes required.

Practice the Agile frameworks for teams at your gym using GitScrum as your primary Project Management Tool, and you’ll be impressed by how much you can accomplish in less time.

Create the proper process to provide training for your fitness class, knowing what you are doing, following up with your Personal Training clients improvements, or organizing each part of your gym for excellent customer service, taking care of the most important people in your gym.

Visualize Your Gym Work Efficiently with GitScrum Board

Clearly manage all the work you do in your fitness and gym interacting with clients using GitScrum Board.

GitScrum Board Features
GitScrum Sprints for Weekly Productivity to Crush It At Your Gym

This Agile way to work practiced by the most productive teams is now at your fingertips to accomplish more work each week.

GitScrum Task Checklists to Control Daily Fitness Sessions

Manage everything you do in your Fitness classes, creating checklists to hold you accountable and reach all your body goals.

Gantt Charts for More Gym Moves in Less Time

Monitor all important sets and reps of your clients’ training sessions and essential work at the gym.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I start using GitScrum in my Gym?

Once you login to access your GitScrum workspace, you must start your first project and create the workflow with the tasks. Next, create your projects and start tasks based on the work you have at hand. Once you progress, update your work through the GitScrum Board.

What type of projects can I create related to fitness?

You can create projects to follow up with your client’s training sessions, projects related to the gym cleaning, secretary and trainers treatment, or projects related to standards for specific body type development or body goals your customers want to achieve.

Is GitScrum complex to use?

Not at all. It’s pretty intuitive to use GitScrum, no need for training to get started. With just some clicks you update client’s workout plans and schedules.

How does my Fitness team practice Agile with GitScrum?

We recommend you search about Scrum and Agile to understand why features related to this methodology work with more efficiency. Still, you can get started by using the features associated with agile. For example, you can set effort estimates to define each task’s complexity to work (there), work based on sprints that help you, create user stories to define tasks that will benefit your gym class.

What are the benefits of using GitScrum for my work on Fitness?

Our mission is to help your team grow bondless. Once you manage all your work through GitScrum and get used to the boards and the task management inside the project management tool, you actually can notice improvements in your work, skyrocketing your productivity, collaboration, and getting more things done in less time.