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Project Management Tool

GitScrum for Housekeeper Agencies

Smart Manage Housekeeping Workforce to Reach Excellence in Cleaning Services

Use GitScrum’s Agile project management tool to conquer unrivaled corporate reputation.

GitScrum for Housekeeper Agencies

Support your Commercial Activities

Use GitScrum to smart manage your clients and prospects per segment or according to your criteria. Standardize your commercial process, leaving information handy to your commercial team, so it’ll be easy to make contacts follow-up even when you hire new collaborators or make replacements.

Manage Your Company’s Projects and Activities
Organize your company’s projects with GitScrum. Create an events calendar, do annual/monthly/weekly planning, monitor accomplishments, so you and your consultants can fix reasonable goals for you and the team to reach.
Professional Support Platform for Clients and Suppliers
Use GitScrum’s professional interface to assist your clients and suppliers with their needs. Also, include information on end-users (people who often visit the places you’re hired to maintain) for service improvements.
Empower Workforce and Increase Service Capacity
Use GitScrum’s tool to create human resources projects, hire and enable housekeepers, babysitters, waiters, gardeners, drivers, telephone operators, secretaries, and others. Improve productivity with workflow management. Invest in the coordinator's ability to update their assignments delegated by you, and see a significant advance in the company’s monthly service capacity.
Charts to Help Your Battle For a Wider Market Share
Use optimized charts to keep track of your company’s and team’s evolution, feed relevant data weekly and improve efforts to reach customer satisfaction and the most comprehensive market share possible.
Neatness is Also a Management style.

Most housekeeping agencies’ missions are related to providing enterprises a better work environment focusing on their core business, and positively impacting collaborators’ life quality. We have no doubt these are noble causes to be encouraged. However, the gap we identified is that nearly 50% of housekeeping agencies are not appropriately equipped with project management software in emerging countries. Meanwhile, 30% are dissatisfied or confused with the several tools used until then in leading countries (HR Analysis 2021, SurveyHero). GitScrum’s about to change this: we believe neatness is also a management style, and that’s how we thought in order to build our innovative, efficient project management tool.

We are sure you don’t want to be lost between Excel spreadsheets and complicated software, WhatsApp messages, and emails with important info. So we propose you elect one primary official communication and management tool to manage your company and projects. Everything else is secondary. Organize all processes, projects, and work routines with GitScrum and never get lost again. Adopt our neat management style, starting the change in your company. That means eliminating “noises and dirt” (useless tasks, material, routines, data, and anything that’s a waste of time or distraction).

Be a living example of a company to perform neat management. Then you’ll be strongly convincing to any client about how passionate you are about your business. Remember that neatness starts in a company’s mindset, then it spreads to the outside world, welcoming success

Discover What Makes Your Clients Happy

Some questions in our corporate life may sound quite simple at first, but they might be tricky when we try to resolve them for real. So think for a moment and answer: do you know what makes your clients happy? If you have a clue about their priorities, you can start by making a list of what you think they value or have told you. But we are here to help you go deep on this investigation and partner with you since it never ends. We are GitScrum, and we developed the ideal project management tool to wipe off any obstacle between you and your client’s preferences.

GitScrum knows that many clients are willing to report their demands and ask for improvements right away. For this reason, our tool offers you a professional interface to assist clients and obtain feedback anytime. But getting conscious about this and reading direct reports are just the first steps!

Magic happens when you deepen your studies on your clients and customers, and we also provide you the suitable feature to do so. Use GitScrum’s project management tool to promote research on your buyer persona, collect and add GitScrum User Stories and improve services and products based on their experiences and expectations. When you discover more about their needs than they told you, then you’ll have climbed the top steps of the stairway to success.

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GitScrum Features For Housekeeper Agencies

GitScrum Board for Efficient Cleaning Services Management

Use GitScrum Board to make your teams improve processes. Allow supervisors and coordinators to assign tasks, subtasks to collaborators and keep the charge of their evolutions.

GitScrum Mind Mapping for Smart HR Communication
Use GitScrum Mind Mapping to demonstrate and plan your client’s human resources and your convenient expansion. It’s a visual and dynamic method that allows clear interaction.
GitScrum Gantt Charts to Get All Maintenance Services in Time
Use GitScrum Gantt Charts to monitor all projects' evolution and assure all services and activities will be done in time. Provide instant information to clients on tasks.
GitScrum Sprints for Agile Housekeeping Teams Productivity
Monitor cleaning and maintenance task completion times, encourage teams to be productive and deliver more tasks with the Agile methodology.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does GitScrum help me to apply agile in my HR company?
GitScrum’s tool is created to make remote work more flexible and contribute to HR professionals by organizing their activities and processes, and thus have a more significant productivity gain.
How do Agile technologies influence HR processes?
These technologies facilitate the admission process, which is done digitally, making the process much faster, easier and safer since the team can access the documents and information in a few clicks by the managers who have the proper access authorization.
What are some foundational elements of an Agile strategy?
There are three common types of Agile talent practices that contribute to success from large companies to start-ups: Cross-functional teams, Self-managing teams, and Flow-to-the-work pools.
How to get results applying Scrum to HR processes?
The scrum method allows companies to adjust more quickly to changes that affect business. This allows us to offer a product that meets evolving business goals. Increase the quality of deliveries, better deal with changes, provide more accurate estimates, and have more precise view of the project schedule and status.