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Modern and Digital Human Resource with Agile

Start an organizational transformation to focus on your talents


GitScrum for your Human Resources

Choose and manage your talents more efficiently and quickly

Make decisions about selection processes, interviews, and other routines for hiring people in a more organized, fast, and assertive way.

Co-create great employee experiences for your team

Use GitScrum Rock Star Team feature to create games and other experiences to redesign the experience of work to be human-centric and support high performance.

Your goals met earlier than planned

GitScrum Project Management Tool provides you a chance to make more accurate planning using tools and template elements to customize each project according to its risks and bottlenecks.

People at the center of your work prioritization

Have more control and implement HR for Agile with GitScrum Project Management Tool to innovate practices to support Agile teams and start fundamental organizational transformation.


Small Changes drive Amazing results


Create an Agile feedback loop and a conscious move of your team away from rigid upfront planning that fails to adapt to customer needs in real-time.

Make a change in project scope or show a new idea to improve results and productivity quickly.

Build an Agile Human Resource mindset in your business. Test, improve and learn an approach to deliver value. Make HR embrace this mindset using Agile tools within your teams and projects.

Adopt a flexible workforce or fall behind


Disruptive technologies are a solution to break up the traditional model based on best practices of leadership. GitScrum project management tools help you to adopt an Agile feedback loop and a conscious move away from rigid upfront planning to adapt to evolving customer needs, a change in project scope, or simply a better idea and be more competitive.

Help Leadership Among Human Resource Managers with GitScrum Gantt Charts

Keep in charge of schedules with a full overview of the team’s activities, so you won’t miss any deadlines. Demonstrate evolutions to clients and collaborators.

GitScrum Board Features
Plan HR development Using Masterful GitScrum Mind Maps

Encourage your team to improve professional profile by planning new skills. Map competences easily

Prioritize HR Work Based On Value With GitScrum Task Checklists

GitScrum helps HR break big complex topics down into achievable slices of value using a problem solver tool.

GitScrum White Label for Exclusive HR Stakeholders’ Brand Impression

Get the GitScrum White Label feature from our business version and impress your clients with a branded customized interface - replace GitScrum’s logo by your own

Frequently Asked Questions

How does GitScrum help me to apply agile in my HR company?

GitScrum’s tool is created to make remote work more flexible and contribute to HR professionals by organizing their activities and processes, and thus have a more significant productivity gain.

How do Agile technologies influence HR processes?

These technologies facilitate the admission process, which is done digitally, making the process much faster, easier and safer since the team can access the documents and information in a few clicks by the managers who have the proper access authorization.

How does GitScrum Human Resources help me make HR agile?

GitScrum is a 100% digital tool which can help you make your HR agile, along with agile methodologies like Scrum and Kanban.

What are some foundational elements of an Agile strategy?

There are three common types of Agile talent practices that contribute to success from large companies to start-ups: Cross-functional teams, Self-managing teams, and Flow-to-the-work pools.

How to get results applying Scrum to HR processes?

The scrum method allows companies to adjust more quickly to changes that affect business. This allows us to offer a product that meets evolving business goals. Increase the quality of deliveries, better deal with changes, provide more accurate estimates, and have more precise view of the project schedule and status.