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Increase IT Operations Performance

All your IT Operations projects and tasks can be easily managed using GitScrum to accomplish all your IT Infrastructure goals


GitScrum for your IT Operations

Manage All Your IT Work At Ease

GitScrum Project Management Tool is for all IT projects, for faster software creation and more efficient development work on security, desktop options, data center management, and more.

All The Agile Features You Need

Integrate your team to a more productive and stress-free culture applying weekly sprints, task efforts, and user stories to get the job done better and faster in your IT Operations.

Improve Collaboration Among Developers

Improve work among IT coworkers with idea sharing and topic discussions inside project boards, keeping everybody headed with the same goal in mind.

More Control Over Your IT Support

Make your client support a more manageable task, whether you analyze computer performance or current updates on security and backup. Manage everything with GitScrum.


Do What The Most Efficient IT Teams Do


Do you know Agile is taking all over IT? Once you understand why, it’s easy to consider adopting some kind of Agile framework to make each part of the IT Infrastructure more productive.

The challenge is not knowing the right tools to manage what you have to do, so you better integrate the agile way of doing things for your everyday working process, producing quality work in less time.

GitScrum comes to save the day, combining the right features for Agile and Scrum working processes. As a result, you and your other IT developers can be the most productive and efficient IT team in your neighborhood, getting more things done in less time.

Practice Agile In Every IT Operations Teams With GitScrum


GitScrum Project Management Tool makes it easy for each team to apply the agile structure that increases productivity, agility, and collaboration among the team.

GitScrum offers features that facilitate Agile implementation, improving productivity and collaboration among teams of IT Developers through the management of every part of your IT infrastructure.

Keep up with every part of the process to constantly reach your goals with your team of developers optimizing your workflow, delivering great jobs on the Network Infrastructure, Servers and devices, HelpDesk, and more!

GitScrum Board To Visualize IT Workflow With Scrum

Be steps ahead in computer operations with GitScrum Boards, see every task you need to accomplish each project goal.

GitScrum Board Features
Work And Deliver IT Projects Efficiently With GitScrum Sprints

Organize IT projects backlog tasks in Sprints, finish work faster every week, keeping up with the burndown chart.

Connect IT Operations Ideas with GitScrum Mind Maps

Collaborate with all the IT developers on GitScrum Mind Maps to connect the dots and optimize all your IT Infrastructure for lower operational costs.

GitScrum Task Custom Fields For Every IT-related Project

Customize each IT project template and tasks according to the way that makes you work best.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to use GitScrum for IT Operations?

Not all IT Operations are created equal, but they are all connected in the scheme of the IT Infrastructure. However, the team can easily manage every part of the IT Operations with GitScrum Project Management Tool. You can create separate projects based on each area you are currently working in your IT Infrastructure, organize tasks on each workflow board.

Why Is Agile Important for IT Operations?

Agile is better known for software development. A management system to deliver the software product faster with more agility and efficiency, some software developers from IT can have more experience with. We know not every IT operation involves software activity, so what’s the point of using Agile for other areas in the IT Infrastructure if not software? Agile for every part of the IT Infrastructure is the same Agile management and productivity principles, and the team can apply philosophy for every IT Operations. GitScrum Project Management Tool

How to start my first projects on GitScrum?

Once you plan how your project needs to run to reach your goal related to IT Operations, start a new project directly from the GitScrum workspace, then organize the columns with the workflow process you want to follow, add the tasks for your backlog, start adding each IT developer you work with as users to assign each task. Now you are good to go, use sprints to work on weekly project deadlines.

Why choose GitScrum over other Project Management Tools For IT?

What differs GitScrum from other project management tools alternatives is applying Agile frameworks more efficiently, therefore skyrocketing your productivity and efficiency at work. We notice other options make the Agile working process more complex or have a loss in being more general, not offering the right set of advanced Agile features to get jobs done faster. GitScrum is way more affordable than other project management software out there.

How to practice Agile for IT on GitScrum?

Some features are specially made for Agile framework implementation like User Stories, Sprints with burndown charts, Effort estimates on tasks, Scrum boards, and more. All of them are available to use and practice Agile for your projects, improving collaboration, efficiency, and productivity.

What is the best GitScrum License?

GitScrum is the complete solution to work with your IT Operations for projects to add unlimited users, unlimited projects, using GitScrum for life without monthly fees. The cost-benefit relation is excellent and way more affordable compared to most popular and similar solutions.