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Modern Agile is what everyone has been talking about lately — how to adapt to this constantly evolving framework. Modern Agile means people are not satisfied with classic agile methods and things must change. This is happening due to a need for even simpler, safer and speedier ways to reach the best results a team is able to.

The new reality of Modern Agile makes it necessary to use a tool that offers the right features to help teams be more productive. GitScrum is the perfect platform for your team to put Modern Agile in practice. This new way of management is based on continuous flow powered by working in sprints.

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Technology for high-performance teams

In addition to having skills and qualities like organization, global vision of objectives and goals, effective reporting, enthusiasm and self-motivation, a high performing team must count on online platforms and software to make daily life simpler.

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Everyone must work for the same goals

In order to become truly high-performing teams, people must work for the same final objective. GitScrum allows a team to organize their actions and visually observe how the project progresses.

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Focus on priorities

Become agile with our agile features

GitScrum, an Agile project management tool, allows decision makers to spot bottlenecks clearly so that they can make the necessary improvements and keep the project efficient.

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Team members must trust each other and the final purpose

High performing teams are all about trust. When people can trust that their colleagues will accomplish their tasks on time, it gets easier for the team to work together, becoming more productive and delivering better results.

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Your business is all about you. Impress your clients by replacing the GitScrum logo with your own and using your custom domain. Even if you are a freelancer you can create a brand to be used in GitScrum. Big companies usually spend a lot of money on developing software that achieve the customization level of GitScrum.

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Safety first


GitScrum protects your data using 256-bit AES encryption, one of the best and most secure block ciphers in the industry.


The GitScrum database automatically encrypts your data and decrypts it before it’s retrieved.


The GitScrum is a cloud-based application focused on privacy protection and the security of your data.

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