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GitScrum for Marketing Manager

Hit Greater Marketing Results with Smart Project Management

with Smart Project Management Skyrocket your productivity and create profitable marketing machines up and running in no time.

GitScrum for Marketing Manager

Manage Your Marketing Team for More Productivity

Why have a messy process with no start or finish for your marketing? Find out here why GitScrum can bring your marketing efforts the most productive days and better results.

Keep Track Of Each Part Of The Marketing Machine
How to effectively manage each team of designers, web developers, copywriters, media buyers, photographers, PR, and other marketing professionals as well? You just found the right tool to do that.
Brainstorm Big Marketing Ideas
Get your creative team to think “out of the box” and start unique winner projects so you can be a source of Big Marketing Ideas with a “B” that gets your product as n°1 in your buyer’s head.
Focus on the customer’s journey
Use features like GitScrum User Stories and GitScrum Wiki to record and understand what your client needs to hear, feel, see, smell and touch to buy from you.
Follow The Right Marketing Plan For Your Goals
Work-based on a plan organizing the work that can help you and your team reach the results you want from marketing to promote products and services with success.
Finally, make your marketing talents communicate with each other smoothly.

Collaboration is vital, and effective communication is the core of every successful marketing interaction among your team members. But, sometimes, reality doesn't work as expected, and each marketing area is isolated in its expertise.

You can end up creating a “Frankenstein” putting the marketing pieces together, not communicating with each other as well as they need to. So the designer is talking about one thing, but the copywriter is talking about another, and the media buyer is promoting all that for the wrong people.

Pour Frank is not selling, and if you do not understand the problem fast coming from the management, results will not be different. That’s why to choose GitScrum, which can give you more control over each part of the marketing process to publish more winning campaigns as a result of effective team communication and collaboration.

The Agile Marketing Team That Works Like A Well Oiled Machine

With all its Agile features, GitScrum can make you innovate the way you and your team create marketing campaigns together with advertising creatives, leading you to better, more productive, and predictable marketing success and KPIs.

Keep track of everything that your marketing team is doing and all the progress everyone is making to get the job done faster. Establish briefing and research routines, collaborate with advertisers, media broadcasters, suppliers, learn about target buyer personas, set integrated communication goals.

Once you start becoming more productive as a result of using the GitScrum Project Management Tool, the difference in how you manage the marketing process is outstanding, pushing you to the next level in performance constantly.

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GitScrum Features For Marketing Managers

GitScrum Board for Marketing Management with Outstanding Achievements

Use GitScrum Board to move tasks from start to finish, increasing marketing high standard project deliverability.

GitScrum Mind Mapping to Connect The Best Marketing Ideas
Use GitScrum Mind Maps in your project boards to connect good ideas and turn them into great ones. You can base product promotions and get the most of your campaigns
GitScrum User Stories for Responsive Communication Based on Your Customer Avatar
For crucial data about the persona, you can act to make products or service promotions a success. Elaborate GitScrum User Stories, turning their content into tasks to motivate the qualified audience to buy your products and services.
GitScrum Sprints for Team Productivity Pushing Marketing Projects to the Next Level
Push the limits of each team that plays a part in your marketing, working with GitScrum Sprints without burndown. Compete against yourselves, trying to match the expectation with the reality of your productivity.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is GitScrum project management tool great for marketing managers?
First of all, we use GitScrum to manage our marketing processes, and things are going pretty great so far. What makes GitScrum different for marketing management is the fast integration of your team with agile strategies to increase team collaboration and productivity.
How to add my marketing team members to work on my projects together on GitScrum?
A quick way to start working with your marketing team and manage the working progress is by sharing the project link through email. After they create their GitScrum profile, they can be assigned tasks and start working on these tasks and update the progress of their work through the workflow right after.
What type of projects can I do on GitScrum related to Marketing?
You can create projects related to each marketing area, like the product USP, the pricing point, your competitors, or the creative side like design creation, copywriting, content creation—each one with its own set of tasks and workflows. You can create projects for every marketing area. You can create projects for specific marketing campaign types and strategies or based on the process ideal buyers usually have to follow to become customers.
How many projects can I create on GitScrum Project Management Tool?
With GitScrum, you can create unlimited projects to test different types of project board configurations and teams, understanding the working process that can better work for you.
What are the best GitScrum features for marketing projects?
We believe each feature helps you achieve one specific marketing goal. Each project has different objectives. For productivity boost, basic features like the GitScrum Board and weekly GitScrum Sprints are a must. Now, for marketing creation and UX research, you’re going to love GitScrum User Stories. Use GitScrum Mind Mapping for brainstorms and connecting marketing ideas, and GitScrum Wiki for collaborative web pages and knowledge base.
How to customize GitScrum for my marketing projects?
There are many options you can use to customize the correct working process for your marketing management style. In Project Settings, you can define templates for workflows, task efforts, task checklists, and custom fields, enabling and disabling the features you want to use. You can also customize the logo and domain name of GitScrum Project Management Tool rebranding for your brand with the GitScrum White Label options covered with the Lifetime Business License.