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Open Doors and Close More Deals with Project Management In Real Estate

Skyrocket your productivity to attract more customers, managing brokerage for profitability.


GitScrum for Real Estate Brokers

Effective Appointment Management

Keep track of all the appointments for the day, week and month so you can move more deals for completion and fulfill the client’s dream of living in the perfect place in the right location, or making money out of a bargain hunt.

Collaborate With Other Agents

GitScrum is a collaborative platform you can use to share ideas and goals with other real estate agents and brokers so you motivate your team to grow.

Projects for All the Real Estate Agency Areas

Manage what everyone is currently doing, creating project boards for each department you play a part in, from the secretary, accountants to all your agent partners.

Follow Up With Real Estate Prospects

Create follow-up templates for project boards related to qualified home buyers, apartment renters, Real Estate investors so you know exactly what you need to do and offer for each client.


Ready to Be Highly Productive for Your Brokerage?


GitScrum, with its Agile features, allows Real Estate agents and brokers seeking to have more success in their ventures to keep track of every step of the way for basic listings, home buying, loft, and apartments people search for.

Stop confusion at dealing with so much information you receive from your datacenter and let us help you define actions to achieve your targets as a broker and start being better organized, making strategic assignments and being aware of their evolutions.

Using all the features GitScrum has to offer, you increase productivity and collaboration with efficiency and decrease procrastination and complexity to deal with prospects.

Build a Process to Fulfill Your Clients Housing Dream


We can’t talk about Real Estate without mentioning the fulfillment of your client’s dream by living or investing in a new apartment, loft, and new home in the right location.

As a Real Estate broker, you are the connector of this dream becoming a reality for your clients. That’s why you need to be prepared.

Building a work process to make that connection as easy and fast as possible is not a problem anymore. Working with GitScrum, you start to notice what works for you, so you can do more, then finally sell more places for your ideal clients as a result.

GitScrum User Stories to Improve Commercial Broker Flair

Find and offer the right place and location for your clients already knowing what they want upfront, and overcome objections, based on user stories.

GitScrum Board Features
GitScrum Board for Successful Brokers

Be creative and analytical with an excellent working process to sell breathtaking homes, condos, offices, apartments and more to qualified customers. You are moving your tasks to completion, towards success.

GitScrum Wiki Pages for Collaborative Content on Real Estate

If you need to create standard presentations for brokerage listings, essential documents, and contract papers, you and your brokers team can do that and more with GitScrum Wiki pages on project boards.

GitScrum Task Checklists to Manage Brokerage and Contracts

Get rid of messy to-do lists and say hello to GitScrum Task Checklists! Prioritize a set of activities to complete the best scope for a project. Better organize all the work for your listings and keep track of your progress.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is GitScrum the right Project Management Tool for Real Estate Brokers?

Thanks to the simplicity and intuitiveness of GitScrum, you can manage your Real Estate working process with efficiency and the Agile features to be productive as Big Tech Companies. All the customization options to adapt projects for your own needs make GitScrum the best candidate for the right Project management Tool for Real Estate Brokers that want to increase productivity.

How do I know the work of my Real Estate Brokerage is getting done on GitScrum?

Once you create the projects and assign you and your Real Estate Brokerage team as GitScrum users, for each pending task throughout the period before the deadline, all you have to do is update the work’s progress and move the tasks throughout the GitScrum Board. As each member works, they update the tasks’ status from “started” to “done”.

How to Customize GitScrum for my Brokerage?

GitScrum gives you complete options to customize your workspace and projects. We recommend custom fields for board templates, task checklists, efforts, labels, and more to feel home using GitScrum. If you want to customize your Workspace rebrand GitScrum with your logo and domain name, choose the Business License with GitScrum White Label.

Which Real Estate projects can I start in GitScrum?

You can start projects related to your prospects to offer your listings. You can do internal projects with accountants, secretaries, as well as create projects to do a follow-up with qualified customers. The possibilities for projects in Real Estate are endless, and GitScrum will make your productivity soar day by day.

How to practice Agile with my brokerage team using GitScrum?

GitScrum gives you the main features to practice the Agile methodology, you can organize your team’s working process with weekly GitScrum Sprints, and compete with the burndown charts to reach essential project deadlines, work on feedback with GitScrum User Stories, and manage weekly tasks with GitScrum Board. Start using these features created by Agile experts.

How to add people from my brokerage to work on my projects with GitScrum?

Invite them through email, sharing your project link to collaborate with you. Once they sign up and create the GitScrum profile to access your projects, assign them for the task they are the most qualified to work on, then you are ready to go and keep track of all the work that’s being done.