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Render Your Path to the Most Fulfilling Remote Work Experience

Faraway, so close. Use GitScrum’s smart project management tool to work closer to your team and rise to the top.


GitScrum for Remote Workers

Relate with Your Network

Meet your teammates, managers and partners in GitScrum’s environment and encourage cultural and technical exchange.

Communicate and Feel Closer

Use GitScrum’s friendly interface for team interactions, brainstorms and safe project info exchange, respecting time-zone differences and business hours.

Organize Working Routines

Fix internal team calendar, activities, tasks and other noteworthy events. Set rituals for team members to collaborate, helping them to balance freedom and discipline to meet deadlines.

Increase Productivity from Anywhere

Use our Agile features to assign project tasks with clear responsibilities, monitor individual performance and increase global productivity.


3 Things About Remote Leadership that Probably Nobody Told You


Ok, mostly all experienced professionals have learnt some things about leadership. It’s widely known as a challenging skill, and it still brings some peculiarities remotely, such as lower control over teams and communication adaptability. It’s also publicly said to be an important asset for career evolution, then it should be included in the apprenticeship agenda of ambitious persons. There are some facts about remote leadership, on the other hand, we consider you might not know yet, and that’s where the right project management can help you!

1. In a disrupted world, researchers* are finding out that the key to team motivation and successful remote leadership is building purpose driven teams, besides balancing the best productivity with life quality. GitScrum’s the smartest tool to allow this performance. Use project templates and tasks to reach higher goals, and allow the team to manage their assignments in a flexible yet committed way.

2. Appropriate technology facilitates leadership. GitScrum’s Agile tool offers remote managers all essential features to treat collaborators like adults. Once the mission is assigned, there’s nothing different to expect than an accomplishment.

3. A smart Project Management tool helps remote leaders set and demonstrate high standard procedures for fair equal treatment to all team members, which leads to their gratitude and motivation.

Shape Your Workforce for The Best Remote Experience


Working remotely is already a reality for thousands of professionals, and it’s an ambition for many of those who haven’t had this opportunity yet. Its main advantages are well known, like the absence of geographic barriers, time and cost optimization and better productivity. For all parties to be highly fulfilled, they must commit to developing a good remote experience, though. And GitScrum can help with that.

Even more important than keeping a tidy workstation, it’s crucial to think of how you deal and exchange information remotely, how you engage a team about goals and communicate with them in a humanized professional way, organizing routines, monitoring progress and keeping data safe, guiding everyone involved towards the aimed results. Use GitScrum’s smart project management tool to do all this and increase productivity.

In our friendly interface, administrate your workflow, allow the team to collaborate and manage their own workload and still have fun with gamification of work. Beware of every contribution posted by them and by clients. The best experience, at the end, is to see your team happy about communicating well and get a winning feeling for achieving purpose driven goals.

GitScrum Mind Mapping for Remote Planning and Interactions

Use GitScrum Mind Mapping for team brainstorms, creative connections and goals planning.

GitScrum Board Features
GitScrum Board for Collaborative Work from any Location

Use our simple GitScrum Board for remote workflow management, assign tasks, subtasks and keep charge of team members' evolution. Encourage your assistants to be proactive and beware of their own assignments.

GitScrum Sprints for Remote Productivity

Monitor your work progress with weekly sprints. Commit to your goals. Measure performance and deliver work better and faster.

GitScrum White Label as a Powerful Global Asset

Customize your whole interface to collaborate with partners, coworkers and impress your clients! Display your own logo for a professional approach and brand recall. Available for GitScrum’s Business version.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is GitScrum Project Management Tool?

It’s a fully online tool (no downloads needed), which uses Agile and Scrum methodologies to offer you the most efficient features to manage your translation and interpreting jobs and workflow.

How can GitScrum Project Management Tool Help Remote Work?

GitScrum helps you organize and control your workflow, set goals and deadlines, assign tasks and subtasks to collaborators and remote employees, with clear responsibilities. Also, it allows partners collaboration and project improvements with the addition of GitScrum User Stories. All this leads to productivity and quality increase.

Are Project Templates Customizable at GitScrum’s Project Management Tool?

Yes, you can customize project templates and create custom fields to use for all your projects and use the ones available. It’s not necessary to create a new template for every new project.

What are the Main Advantages of GitScrum’s Project Management Tool for Translators and Interpreters?

GitScrum’s tool helps you manage contacts, prospects, financial info, and more. It allows you to control activities, workflow, and performance for productivity improvement.

What differentiates GitScrum’s Project Management Tool from others?

GitScrum’s tool is simpler to use but offers you all the necessary features to manage your translation business professionally and be responsive to all your clients.

Why should I invest in GitScrum's Project Management Tool?

GitScrum’s tool is more efficient, it’s way more affordable than other tools (it offers you a lifetime license), and its friendly interface can be easily used by any of your