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Project Management Tool

GitScrum for Schools

Improve your Student’s Learning Experience

Upgrade your educational process with GitScrum’s smart project management tool!

GitScrum for Schools

Smart Interaction with Students

Create an agile culture by encouraging your teachers to adopt shorter feedback loops, measuring student-learning outcomes for weeks rather than semesters and getting effective results.

Work with Teachers and Schoolmasters more Effectively
Use GitScrum project management tool to plan and evaluate student performance and share results with Teachers and Schoolmasters. Our project management tool allows a macro view of the learning process, making it easier to identify and correct errors.
Organize Routines to Be More Productive
Accurately assess the amount of effort students will have in each learning sprint, set deadlines, identify opportunities for improvement.
Agile Tools for Quick Responses
GitScrum’s project management tool offers you charts and accessible reports to help you provide accurate information about all learning processes.
Opportunity for Your School to Streamline Internal Processes
GitScrum offers the chance to obtain an effective solution for working with challenging students, adopting frequent feedbacks encouraging them to evaluate their behavior and compare their performance with colleagues
An agile school must break paradigms and give constant feedback

Short feedback loops allow teachers to identify student problems more quickly. A Learning Squad is also a recommended process that involves teamwork and collaboration. A Learning Squad is a group of students who work together to complete the goals set in a Sprint. Choose a teacher to mentor the Learning Squad and he or she will act as an eliminator of learning barriers.

Quickly assess students' learning and behavioral performance by setting individual and group goals to create a culture at school that is also concerned with peer performance and learning while also developing a collaborative spirit.

Reflection is the key factor for continuous improvement, documenting the student's improvement history and providing a space for storytelling allowing students to share the experience of doing something extraordinary. We help your school to improve student engagement with school activities and achieve extraordinary results. Furthermore, you help students develop socio-emotional skills and be prepared for life and work. GitScrum project management tool is perfect for a school to implement an innovative model of education and promote a fundamental transformation not only of the processes through our agile methodology but also a change of culture and mindset that needs to be behind everything for the shift to be effective and beneficial for all those involved.

Running a school involves responsibility

GitScrum makes this task lighter, easier, and more agile. School leaders accumulate roles, and the agile method helps a lot in managing so many tasks simultaneously.

The Schoolmasters can manage in a more organized way to deal with the reports and essential data to analyze the school's performance.

School curricula need to be constantly updated to keep up with the frequent changes brought by digital transformation. GitScrum is a solution that helps to solve all of this. Our project management tool offers a set of manageable solutions that were made to change the culture and behavior of schools so they can generate extraordinary results using easy and intuitive approaches that solve significant problems in unpredictable environments.

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GitScrum Features for Schools

Rock Star Team for interaction between teachers and schoolmasters

Compare teacher’s performance using the GitScrum Rock Star Team tool to apply gamification in education and build projects around motivated individuals in the school environment.

Measure each learning cycle with GitScrum Task Effort
Use the GitScrum Task Efforts tool to measure how responsive your students are, and monitor brand results.
Collaborative and Innovative Learning with GitScrum Wiki Pages
Create content pages to display to teachers, coordinators and students, using your GitScrum interface, supporting your online teaching environment.
Use GitScrum Sprints to make students aware of their learning process
Encourage adaptability by building new working relationships with each new GitScrum Sprint.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is GitScrum Project Management Tool?
It’s a fully online tool (no downloads needed), which uses Scrum and Agile methodology to offer you all essential features for the most sustainable and efficient project management and customer support for your school.
How can GitScrum Project Management Tool Help Me manage my educational business?
GitScrum helps you organize and control team workflow, set goals and deadlines, assign tasks to collaborators, and create a yearly calendar. Furthermore, it allows interaction with educators, coordinators, parents, and project improvements with the addition of GitScrum User Stories. All this leads to productivity and quality increase.
Are Project Templates Customizable at GitScrum’s Project Management Tool?
Yes, you can customize project templates and create custom fields for all your projects and use the ones available. It’s not necessary to create a new template for every new project.
What are the Main Advantages of GitScrum’s Project Management Tool for Schools?
GitScrum’s project management tool helps you anticipate feedback and demands, improve services based on their needs, communicate and collaborate better with the team and reach goals faster.
What differs GitScrum’s Project Management Tool from others?
GitScrum’s tool is simple to use yet complete. It offers you all the necessary features to keep the charge of your educational projects, educator’s workload, and teachers’ performance. GitScrum Gantt Charts, GitScrum Boards, and essential reports at your hand to get all valuable information about classes at once.Its business version also offers you GitScrum White Label feature, so you can showcase your logo, replacing GitScrum’s, to impress your clients.
Why should I invest in GitScrum's Project Management Tool?
GitScrum’s tool is more efficient, and it’s way more affordable than other tools since it offers you a lifetime license.