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Break Boundaries and Go Further as a Translator and Interpreter with GitScrum

Use high tech Agile resources to reach opportunities first.


GitScrum for Translators and Interpreters

Manage Numerous Prospects

Use GitScrum to manage your thousands of prospects, control contact status and assure you won’t miss any job opportunities!

Plan and Manage Different Activities

Use GitScrum’s project management tool to organize different projects, create an activity calendar and monitor accomplishments, so you can fix reasonable goals and work to reach them.

Increase Your Daily Output with GitScrum’s Agile Method

Improve productivity with Agile workflow management, weekly GitScrum Sprints, and project overviews to reach your service release goals.

Interact With Clients and Partners

Use GitScrum’s trustworthy professional interface to interact with clients and partners about projects. Include information about target audiences adding GitScrum User Stories.


Grab Every Opportunity That Fits You!


While the world and many markets struggle with the economic crisis caused by COVID-19, translation and interpreting seem to be one of the businesses still announcing thousands of job vacancies daily in most countries. In contrast, professional translation agencies increase their freelance partnerships gradually, and new job platforms are claiming for their workforce, too. To be able to grab a good portion of this growing amount of opportunities every week, you’ll need someone to help. And that’s us!

GitScrum offers you the most innovative project management tool to keep the charge of all your prospects, jobs you might be qualifying to, translation agencies, and clients you need to respond to and helps you fix and meet deadlines so you will be able to grab the shots you are willing to.

We know it’s not easy to manage multiple tasks and clients at once, and that’s what our tool was made for. It will help you organize the prospecting process, and after some projects start, follow them up while you start other prospects without missing any task. Use GitScrum to reach productivity and build client loyalty!

No Frontiers For Productivity


Balancing speed and quality is a must for translators and interpreters every day. So when we talk about productivity, some could understand it’s all about speed. However, it’s more about high standard service sooner. To deliver at this level, it’s necessary to break some boundaries – to get rid of distractions, useless tasks, excess software and apps, helpless routines, and waste of time.

Use GitScrum’s project management tool to help you focus on your work, smartly manage your workflow, and prioritize only essential tasks. Stick to it as your leading important managing platform and forget about countless spreadsheets. Create weekly GitScrum Sprints to fix short-term goals and accomplish them, individually or with a team.

Demonstrate the purposes being pursued to all stakeholders involved with your work until there are no frontiers for productivity and success with GitScrum.

GitScrum Mind Mapping to Plan Your International Career

Use GitScrum Mind Mapping to write down your ideas by theme and plan your international events calendar and career according to your projects and target audiences.

GitScrum Board Features
GitScrum Board for Smart Translating & Interpreting Jobs Management

Improve your work processes with our GitScrum board. Assign tasks, subtasks, and keep charge of its evolution.

GitScrum White Label Interface to Support International Clients

Use a professional interface to create a customer support area, customize it by replacing GitScrum’s logo by your own and impress your clients!

GitScrum Documents Management Cloud for Translators

Organize your files in a single platform, attach content to each task and access your document’s library any time, with unlimited space.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is GitScrum Project Management Tool?

It’s a fully online tool (no downloads needed), which uses Agile and Scrum methodologies to offer you the most efficient features to manage your translation and interpreting jobs.

How can GitScrum Project Management Tool Help Me at the Translation and Interpreting Business?

GitScrum helps you organize and control your prospects and strategic plan, set goals and deadlines, assign tasks and subtasks to the team and clients. Also, it allows partners collaboration and project improvements with the addition of GitScrum User Stories, which will enable you to understand your target audience deeply.

Are Project Templates Customizable at GitScrum’s Project Management Tool?

Yes, you can customize project templates and create custom fields to use for all your projects and use the ones available. It’s not necessary to create a new template for every new project.

Are Project Templates Customizable at GitScrum’s Project Management Tool?

Yes, you can customize project templates and create custom fields to use for all your projects and use the ones available. It’s not necessary to create a new template for every new project.

What are the Main Advantages of GitScrum’s Project Management Tool for Translators and Interpreters?

GitScrum’s tool helps you manage contacts, prospects and more. It allows you to control activities, workflow and performance for productivity improvement.

What differentiates GitScrum’s Project Management Tool from others?

GitScrum’s tool is simpler to use but offers you all the necessary features to manage your translation business professionally and be responsive to all your clients.