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Agile Management for Dynamic Travel Agencies

Make your customers’ VIP services dream come true. Pivot and adapt quickly, working stress-free.


GitScrum for Travel Agencies

Complete solution to help your Travel Agency achieve the best performance

GitScrum is a project management tool, customizable according to your team’s needs. It helps you eliminate bottlenecks and bring the team closer.

Increase competitiveness before other tour operators

Improve competitiveness and productivity using the GitScrum Board to organize your Travel Agency's tasks and travel projects.

GitScrum is perfect for Travel Agencies and Travel Lovers!

Plan a vacation, define your budget, create tasks so you won’t forget the important details of the trip, book flights, lodgings, restaurants, car rental and make vacation dreams reality!

Make travel planning more agile, visual and intuitive

GitScrum helps your Travel Agency to promote truly sustainable development. The product owner, team and travels should be able to maintain a constant pace indefinitely.


Encourage your team’s self-organization and help customers achieve the best trip of their lives


Enthusiasts about the world of travel like to plan every detail, from the type of clothes to the luggage and desired meals in each city visited.

The journey begins when you start planning! GitScrum is an extremely useful project management tool for travel lovers, tour guides and travel agencies.

Tools such as GitScrum Board (with Kanban boards), GitScrum Gantt Charts and GitScrum Sprints make travel planning much easier, intuitive, visual and enjoyable. Plan the vacation of your dreams or that weekend trip with that person you love and dream every detail more intensely!

Travel Agencies Can Go Agile Too, With GitScrum!


Define processes and make trip planning easier using GitScrum’s project management tool. Set each client trip and group tour as a project, make assignments, allow team and client collaboration and monitor its evolution. Respond more quickly to customer inquiries and change requests, to ensure a VIP experience.

Transform your Travel Agency using Agile methods and forget about old school management. With GitScrum, you can manage tours with more efficiency, collaboration, and productivity.

Use GitScrum to build projects around motivated individuals. Present them the potential environments and support their needs. Bring the transformation into practice using the right tools and change your Travel Agency making it more competitive and adding value.

GitScrum Board for Travel and Tours Management

GitScrum Boards allow you to have more control over all the important points of a trip and help your trip project to be really a dream. It’s collaborative, so any attendant can access information and be responsive to all clients.

GitScrum Board Features
GitScrum White Label for VIP Client Service

Manage your customer needs, offer excellent services, provide all tourism information. Bring customers closer.

GitScrum Documents to Offer Complete Client and Travel Support

Offer full support for your clients to make the best trips, providing them all necessary travel documents they need to download in a safe cloud.

GitScrum Gantt Charts to offer the Best Travel Calendar

Transmit information effectively to your team, display all tasks and activities on screen to co-workers and check assignments.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can GitScrum help travel agencies? I was looking into using this across our agency's teams to replace Trello.

Yes. GitScrum helps travel agencies to provide a professional client support interface, organize work and increase productivity. GitScrum works great for replacing Trello, especially for travel agencies who are looking to offer custom services for clients.

How can the Agile methodology and Scrum workframe help travel agencies?

Scrum workframe offers travel agencies the structure to apply the agile methodology with GitScrum, which focuses on reaching excellence on service, performance and customer experience.

How do I sign up?

You can begin by creating a free account, where you can interact with our features. We won’t collect your credit card information until you’ve determined GitScrum is right for you.

Which project management methods and which GitScrum tools are used in Travel Agencies?

Many Travel Agencies use Scrum or Kanban for project management, or adopt selected innovation tools, which communicate harmoniously, independently identify problems and find solutions using an excellent tool like a GitScrum.