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Create a Highly Collaborative Agile UX Design Team with GitScrum

GitScrum’s project management makes Usability Design teams perform united and effective using a mix of excellent tools


GitScrum for UX Designers

Integrated User-Centered Team Communication

As you move through the tasks, GitScrum helps you to provide regular updates and opportunities for your team to ask questions and innovate. You can even brainstorm ideas or define the information architecture of a project with our efficient GitScrum Mind Mapping Board.

Valuable User Experience Insights

The GitScrum User Story tool makes you stay focused on the end-user, work on tasks efficiently and deliver excellent UX Design results. It helps you to understand the real issues, providing consistent user insights.

Find the Right way to start your task of Interface Design

Better organize the project working with GitScrum Form2Task, fixing product issues based on user experience forms or delegating the right task type for each team member.

Better quality of work of Prototype Design

Because of its interaction, a big benefit of GitScrum in User-Centered Design is the given ability to find problems and create solutions quickly and efficiently.


Be Agile and deliver more!


Agile teams are better suited to dealing with innovation - that means the practical application of creativity to improve products and services, processes or business models. They are small and multidisciplinary. Faced with a large and complex problem, they break it down into modules, develop solutions for each component through rapid prototyping and tight feedback loops, integrating the solutions into a coherent whole. They value adapting to change more than sticking to a plan - and they are accountable for results (such as growth, profitability and customer loyalty) not to that old way of productivity (such as lines of code or number of new products).

For Agile teams, the field is fertile in any situation where problems are complex, solutions are unclear, project requirements are likely to change, close collaboration with end users is feasible and creative teams will be more present than operational ones. Routine operations such as factory maintenance.

Purchasing and accounting are less fruitful areas. Agile methods were first introduced in IT departments and are now widely used in many areas as Usability Design Teams. Let GitScrum make your UX design team Agile, stick to what matters and deliver more!

Focus on UX Design Working with Greatness


“One of the biggest challenges of being a UX Designer is deciding which problem to solve. Even projects with a well-defined problem statement can be difficult; as you dive into it, you want to solve every single problem that comes up in user and stakeholder interviews. But there’s only so much time, and there are only so many problems that are solvable in the scope of one project” (Jeffrey Humble, Head of Design at CareerFoundry).

Use GitScrum project management tool to build User-Centered winner teams who know their clear responsibilities and which problem to solve step-by-step.

The weekly GitScrum Sprints clarify their accomplishments and deadlines. Moreover, the team feels motivated to collaborate and have fun with gamification work.

Creative GitScrum Mind Mapping to Lead Design Thinking

Use GitScrum Mind Maps to do simple and effective brainstorms, organize ideas and reference libraries for unique insights and Interface Design projects.

GitScrum Board Features
Monitor effectively UX Design Process with GitScrum Gantt Charts

Use GitScrum Gantt Charts to all set stages of the design process, see developing accomplishments and monitor evolutions.

Make Clear Interaction Design Workflow with GitScrum Boards

Guide your UX design team with our easy-to-use GitScrum workflow board to assign Tasks and Subtasks and keep the charge of projects’ evolutions.

Push up UX Designer’s Productivity with GitScrum Sprints

Create weekly GitScrum Sprints and monitor your designer’s performance daily by the GitScrum Workload Graph. You can also motivate them to hunt deadlines with gamification of work.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can you define Information Architecture using GitScrum Project Management Tool?

You can use GitScrum Mind Mapping to define it. GitScrum it’s a fully online tool (no downloads needed), which uses Agile and Scrum methodologies to offer you the most efficient features to manage your UX projects and workflow.

How can GitScrum Project Management Tool unite Designers and Developers?

GitScrum’s tool facilitates communication and collaboration by offering processes like feedback loops, retrospectives and outcomes evaluation. With GitScrum, it is possible to assign tasks, subtasks and observe its avolution.

How can you improve your UX project using GitScrum?

GitScrum offers you all the necessary tools in a simple and intuitive way. You can customize templates and create custom fields to use for all your projects. Moreover, it’s not necessary to create a new template for every new project. It is flexible, as User-Centered design processes need to be.

How can UX Design teams develop Design Thinking processes using GitScrum?

GitScrum’s tool facilitates the creation of a really User Centered project adding real GitScrum User Stories. It helps you to stay focused on the end-users. Our project management tool also offers a simple and intuitive GitScrum Mind Mapping tool for Design Thinking brainstorm.

How can you measure your UX team performance using the GitScrum Project Management tool?

GitScrum’s tool is simple to use yet complete. It offers you all the necessary features to keep the charge of your projects, team’s workload and performance: GitScrum Gantt charts, GitScrum Boards, and essential reports at your hand to get all valuable information at once. We focus on management so that you can focus on ideas.

Why should a UX Designer choose GitScrum's tool?

See for yourself how GitScrum’s tool is more efficient and it’s way more affordable than other tools out there since it offers you a lifetime license. Customize your interface with our GitScrum White Label (replace our logo with your own) and impress your clients.