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Smart Project Management with Agile, a Trend for Web Developers

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GitScrum for Web Developers

Be more organized and productive in web development

Organize the stages of your web development project in sprints, splitting them in different categories such as “programming, UX, layout, audiovisual” and label them according to your needs, to facilitate monitoring.

Have an easy and intuitive view of tasks

Quickly check the tasks for which development has already started, which ones are being tested, and which ones have been completed. Update their status as soon as it changes.

Collaborate with teammates, designers and clients

Make sure all web developers, programmers and designers are working together with the same goal in mind. Use our powerful tool for constant collaboration among team members and also with clients.

Be sure about the stage of each task and project

Estimate the effort required for each task using Task Effort and have more predictability in deadlines.


GitScrum helps you develop web solutions in an easier, organized and agile way


The web developer routine begins with collecting the requirements presented by the clients to understand the type of user experience that they need to develop. Then it takes tools which really help the work routine, from planning development stages to the interaction with the designers to align the customer's expectations.

Everything can be simpler and safer, for sure, with the help of the right tool and the right work process. You can follow every important step in web development to achieve your clients’ satisfaction and develop an amazing application, as well as use your professional project management tool to keep your clients informed about the project’s evolutions gradually, in a proactive way, interacting with them and updating them at the project’s timeline, creating feedback loops and review routines.

Standardizing these processes will speed up communication, reduce rework and shorten your execution time. Keep record of all client’s requests for your safety and build customer loyalty offering a better service. Start using GitScrum, get help for project management and focus on your core business, developing.

Scrum is made for web development, so use it as an advantage for your productivity


A successful project starts with the right definition of processes and stages. The definition of the processes will influence the interaction of the team and the speed of task’s approval according to customer oriented studies.

New versions need to be developed so that the customer is satisfied and adjustments are frequent.

The web developer's workflow depends on the correct application of agile tools and GitScrum offers access to the right resources to apply this innovative work method that really works for your web development.

Boost Web Development Productivity with Sprints

Gitscrum Sprints helps Web Developers build a productive routine to reach productivity and team commitment to client’s and project’s goals.

GitScrum Board Features
Use Personalized B2B GitScrum White Label Interface to Impress Clients

Have your own professional custom tool to interact with your clients and provide them support. Impress the most demanding stakeholders.

GitScrum Boards to Facilitate Your Team’s Grip and Web Project Management

Create different boards for projects, control weekly team assignments. Identify bottlenecks, encourage developers and designers to complete tasks faster

Employ GitScrum User Stories for A Solid UX Research

GitScrum User Stories are a fantastic feature used to gather information about real customers and also target personas, which will help you make adjustments and improvements on your software functionalities and design.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is GitScrum Ideal for Web developers?

We are proud to say that you have everything you need to create working processes and manage your software development at ease. Using the most basic features to the advanced ones, our tool is perfectly made for you to practice agile with your team, in the software development process.

Why choose GitScrum over other Project Management Tool Alternatives for Software Development?

One word, simplicity. While others try to please everybody with their fancy and cluttered tools, GitScrum chooses the opposite, giving you the right amount of features to increase your management ability with control over work, be productive and get started in Scrum and agile.

How to Practice Scrum and Agile for software development in GitScrum?

Once you understand the process of working with Scrum and Agile for your software development, all you have to do is start your projects with all the Agile features enabled and have fun. Work in Sprints, estimate the effort for each task, develop software based on user stories, measure your work.

What are the benefits for Web Developers who use GitScrum?

GitScrum’s tool facilitates the creation of a really User Centered project adding real GitScrum User Stories. It helps you to stay focused on the end-users. Our project management tool also offers a simple and intuitive GitScrum Mind Mapping tool for Design Thinking brainstorm.

Are there limits of users and projects on GitScrum?

Choosing the lifetime business license you use GitScrum for life with unlimited projects and unlimited users for your projects. Also, you can set up your own logo and domain name to rebrand GitScrum with the White Label Options. It is a good license and a great deal. You can choose this license after your first 7-day trial clicking here.