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Productivity to Pump Up Your Writing and Publishing Projects

If you write novels, nonfiction, technical ebooks or create as a publisher, you can accomplish more with GitScrum.


GitScrum for Writers

Finalize Each Chapter Faster

Create your Agile writing workflow defining each chapter for your book or each section of your landing page so you can finish your writing assignments rapidly with the help of a smart tool to run your work.

No More Writer’s Block

Organize each part of your writing project as tasks on the project board. That way, you focus on what’s important, that is, writing, without wasting energy on management.

Write better and faster as a result

Use all the Agile tools GitScrum offers to keep track of your writing results, measure your improvements, and do better next time you type words.

Collaborate In Your Writing Process

You don’t have to write alone. GitScrum gives you the perfect collaborative environment, so you never miss people you need to mention in the acknowledgment section.


From idea to publishing, that’s what GitScrum for Writers is about


Writers have never been so valuable for today’s world. Everything that involves words to compel people with a message has a writer behind it. From books, articles, video, news and movie scripts, websites and social media content, you name it.

Their challenge is to keep up with all the writing work for the day, week, month, even the whole year! This is what GitScrum Project Management Tool comes for, turning the process of publishing work more productive using an Agile Project Management Tool!

Start with the writing editorial idea to publish and spread your message for every written, audio and video channel out there. That has never been so simple and easy with the help of GitScrum Project Management Tool and all its features.

Write With More Consistency Using GitScrum


It is an awful feeling to be staring at your computer, not knowing where to start your writing process. Maybe you have to read some books and other works related to what you write for inspiration. Or perhaps you just start writing something to get some momentum.

Stop the “maybe,” and be confident at creating the correct writing process for your writing projects using the right features that help you write more, store references, run research and visual exercises to boost your creative mind without worrying about what to write.

With GitScrum, you just sit down, follow the workflow you set and write, knowing from start to finish how to tell your readers a compelling story so they will be entertained, be informed, or buy the idea you tell them.

GitScrum Wiki Pages for Collaborative Writing

Start the writing process involving editors and coauthors with wiki pages, collaborate with them and obtain feedback.

GitScrum Board Features
GitScrum Board to Manage Creative Writing

Customize the perfect process and get writings done from start to finish, with a visual and friendly work board.

GitScrum User Stories to Focus On Your Reader

Discover what can bring you closer to your audience, figure out what could impress your readers, and identify potential content based on their expectations.

GitScrum Documents to Access All Your Writing Files

Save your writing files and get them handy anytime, with unlimited storage space. Facilitate collaboration with editors and partners.

Frequently Asked Questions

What type of writing projects can I do on GitScrum?

GitScrum can cover all types of writing projects you can imagine, projects to publish every book genre, freelance writing, content writing, copywriting, Ebooks and reports, video, movies, and news scripts. The best part of GitScrum is the innovations you can do, applying Agile frameworks to your writing projects with all GitScrum’s features to write with more productivity.

What are the best GitScrum features for writers?

You can use all the GitScrum features for your writing process. However, especially for writing projects, we recommend features like GitScrum Wiki, GitScrum Task Custom Fields (so you can customize a writing project task that works for you), GitScrum User Stories, and GitScrum Mind Maps. If you want to boost your weekly productivity, work based on GitScrum Sprints, setting deadlines following the burndown chart.

How can Agile work for writers on GitScrum?

Agile makes the collaboration and work productivity process much more accessible. The same principles of fast software development can work for you, too, as a writer. And GitScrum is the right place to apply the Agile frameworks, must haves for your Agile working process are weekly GitScrum Sprints for productivity, GitScrum User Stories to focus on product users (readers). That way, you manage and keep track of the whole writing process. You save time working with Agile on projects you set in GitScrum.

How to create writing projects in the GitScrum workspace?

Starting from the workspace after you log in, just create projects through the + button, select the type of project you want to be working on, then customize the project for your writing goals. Set up the name, GitScrum Board, which features you want to use, templates, and more.

Why is GitScrum Ideal for writers instead of other Project Management Tool alternatives?

What makes GitScrum unique for writers is integrating the Agile methodology working process for your writing routine. Other tools might seem more complete but are more complex and confusing to use than GitScrum.

How can GitScrum help me be more productive in writing?

Everything included in GitScrum Project Management Tool is made to help you manage your work efficiently, which leads to more productive work, getting your job done faster and better. The Agile features are not added just to follow a trend in the big tech space. They were proven to work for every person seeking to be more productive at work and collaborate better with the team, including writers.