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Drive Audience Engagement and Rank on Top on Youtube with GitScrum

GitScrum’s project management tool is the most optimized way for your Youtube team to power relevant productions and viewership.


GitScrum for Youtubers

Be a Youtuber

Impress clients and sponsors with a professional tool to showcase your projects with dynamic graphs and an exclusively branded support area.

We Manage for You to Stay Under the Spotlight

Use GitScrum’s smart project management tool to organize your projects, editorial calendar, and accomplishments so you can hack the channel’s growth. All this with no waste of time on heavy software.

Deliver Relevant Content to Users

Interact constantly with team, partners, and sponsors about projects. Include solid feedback loops adding GitScrum User Stories and contributions from all stakeholders. Incorporate improvements early and often.

Include Complementary Pages to Drive Engagement

Create GitScrum Wiki pages as a complement to your videos to create integrated communication actions and promotions, like contests, polls and drawings.


Leverage Collaboration to Reach Consistency


Today you’ve got a dozen top communication means to collaborate with the team, right? We are aware of that, as well as we know that essential ideas and data sometimes get missed between mails and WhatsApp, or chats and meeting notes. That’s one of the reasons why we believe it’s crucial for you and all professionals – especially social media producers – to stand by an intelligent management tool.

Stand by GitScrum and take your teamwork to another level, where all stakeholders can contribute and keep a record of activities done. Create weekly GitScrum Sprints and encourage them to reach goals together.

Furthermore, and extremely important, keep all your data safe, with your privacy protected, instead of spreading it over several means — access short reports at a glance to make strategic decisions. Create a dynamic GitScrum Board for your team so that the constant interactions will lead to faster content release and consistency. Let GitScrum make your Youtube team Agile!

Be In Your Top Viewers’ Shoes


Of course, you, as a YouTuber, get an expressive number of viewers’ messages daily. Some of them write to praise you, others to contribute. Probably a few are random haters and other reasonable critics. You might answer some. The question is, how much of all these ocean data is helpful to you?

Use GitScrum project management tool to help your team organize your research process, filter and deepen information to add GitScrum User Stories based on your target “personas,” the most representative groups of engaged viewers who lead to conversion.

As in every other business, we can spell that, even if you have 10,000,000 viewers, there is probably that 20 % audience responsible for your 80% conversion, and you’ll probably reach them faster using an appropriate project management tool designed for innovation. The process is up to your team, but they should rely on the most innovative platform to always be in your top viewer’s shoes.

Interactive Mind Mapping for Expanding Content

Use GitScrum Mind Mapping for creative brainstorms to sort ideas by theme and plan your publishing calendar according to your prior audiences.

GitScrum Board Features
GitScrum Board for Consistent Content Production

Optimize video production processes for your team with our simple GitScrum Board. Assign tasks, subtasks and keep the charge of its evolution. Keep this process standardized, so it’ll be easier to include new collaborators or make replacements as your team grows.

GitScrum User Stories Get You Closer to Your Audience

We have the most accurate research tool for you to conduct in-depth studies on your audience and target buyer persona.

GitScrum Sprints to Raise Productivity and Be Over the Top

Monitor your team’s progress, drive engagement and see audience increase with weekly GitScrum Sprints.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is GitScrum Project Management Tool?

It’s a fully online tool (no downloads needed), which uses Agile and Scrum methodologies to offer you the most efficient features to manage your content production and workflow, no matter if you’re a large media group, videomaker agency, or autonomous Youtuber.

How can GitScrum Project Management Tool Help Me?

GitScrum helps you organize and control your workload and idea bank, set goals and deadlines, assign tasks and subtasks to collaborators and stakeholders with clear responsibilities. Also, it allows partners collaboration and project improvements with the addition of GitScrum User Stories, which will enable you to use and apply your target audience data.

Are Project Templates Customizable at GitScrum’s Project Management Tool?

Yes, you can customize project templates and create custom fields to use for all your projects and use the ones available. It’s not necessary to create a new template for every new project.

What are the Main Advantages of GitScrum’s Project Management Tool for YouTubers?

GitScrum’s tool takes your work process to a more professional level. It allows you to make editorial planning, weekly workload control, and much more for productivity increase. It helps you organize tasks to raise your audience and generate more leads.

What differs GitScrum’s Project Management Tool from others?

GitScrum’s tool is simple to use yet complete. It offers you all the necessary features to keep the charge of your projects, team’s workload, and performance: GitScrum Gantt Charts, GitScrum Board, and essential reports at your hand to get all valuable information at once. We focus on management so that you can concentrate on productions.