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GitScrum is a start-up founded to help other start-ups to stand out in the market.

Start-Up Founders

We understand your pain, and we know, from experience, that to have success in this competitive world, you need organization, efficiency. Above all, you need an extremely productive team, and these were the reasons that lead to the creation of GitScrum: the project management tool that will take your start-up to the highest levels.

Apply the agile and scrum methodologies and become great

If you want to become great, you need to do as the greats do Companies such as Google, Yahoo, Spotify apply or have applied agile and scrum methodologies.

GitScrum is a project management tool based on Scrum and Agile principles and therefore allows the implementation of these same methodologies in your start-up in a simple and intuitive way.


$249/one-time payment

GitScrum Business - Forever!

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Unlimited Users
Unlimited Projects
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Have complete visual control of all your team's work

Get complete visual control of all internal working. Easily plan your project and divide it into tasks for each member, track production and delivery in real-time and get an overview of the whole project.

This overview ensures greater project control and, consequently, a progressive increase in productivity.

Get real-time updates on your team’s work

Get real-time updates of the tasks being performed by your team. See everything that needs to be done, what is in progress and what your team has already accomplished. Having access to this information ensures greater control over the team activities and better results.

Establish Clear Goals

Create strategies to achieve these goals

Track the Tasks

See everything that is being done by your team to achieve the goals

Watch the Growth

Organize the information in one place and see how your start-up is growing

Join GitScrum: a startup founded to help other startups. The First 7 days are free.

Customer Feedback

See how GitScrum helped the start-up Athenas

“Our start-up started with two of us, and within a year, there were more than 50 employees, and we were not prepared to deal with so many people at the same time. But there was a turning point that was crucial for the start-up to develop further, and that was that we got to know GitScrum, an excellent project management tool. Using it in the company made us able to manage our whole team.”
- James Smith

Start-up more productive and collaborative

Add your whole team to GitScrum, assign tasks, stimulate communication between members through the tool and have your entire team united around a single goal: make the start-up great and competitive in the market.

Manage multiple projects simultaneously

Create and manage more than one project at a time, assign tasks to the different members, organize a good workflow for each project and closely follow the evolution of every one of them.

Great Subscription Experience

No monthly fee and Unlimited Users

We know that your start-up has enormous growth potential, and within a few months, the number of employees you have can increase exponentially, so you need a tool that can support this demand.

And GitScrum thought of that for you, here you can add as many people as needed, and more than that, there is no monthly fee. You pay once and use it forever.

GitScrum Reviews

Find out what real users are saying about GitScrum

Raunak H.via Capterra
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Gitscrum is a great tool for project management to keep track of everything, also the best thing I observe is frequent updates that get better every time.
Kevin S.via Capterra
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GitScrum has the basics covered, and their founder Renato has been very responsive and high coordinative with their audience. It's the humans behind the genius apps like these that you know it's going to be successful not only based on their roadmap, but their relationship to care about their customers.
Rodrigo D.via Capterra
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GitScrum provides more features, allowing us to set up metrics to track and evaluate efforts. Also, the specificity to SCRUM management processes were decisive.
indratno Widiartovia Product Hunt
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I was never really into scrum project management until I found GitScrum. I used to be comfortable using Basecamp then Trello with its power-ups. The more I use GitScrum, the more I get used to the scrum framework. And I'm loving it much.
Nhu Dovia Product Hunt
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Gitscrum is a very strong project management tool, which is well thought out to maximise the benefits of Design Thinking and Agile Development. I moved all my projects from Trello to Gitscrum!
Thilina Loku B.via G2
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This is a half-breed among Asana and Jira - with the guarantee of being the best of the two universes. Incredible load up the executive's highlights and we love the agendas, work process customizations, time-following, run the board.

Start-Up Founders

Let us help you with your journey. We are made to organize your thoughts and execution. Get stuff done.


Work smarter and spend more time with new leads. Thrive with heavy workloads and multiple client projects.

Project Managers

GitScrum is your Temple and it will heal your projects. Monitor and assign tasks without wasting time. Goodbye reworks!


Kick the boring stuff away and build a team of creatives and collaborate to turn dreams into products.

Marketing Teams

Be a Client Hero and craft customer happiness! Our simple approach to PM is perfect for marketing projects too!

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Product Development mastery needs high level Project Management. GitScrum will get you there faster.