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Project-Client Management Platform for Digital Agencies
Project Template

You can create project templates for your company. Standardize tasks, sprints and user stories you always use.

GitScrum Demos

GitScrum Demos

Personal Kanban

This version of Kanban allows you to develop and manage the progress of a product, e-commerce project, app, game or appliance. It's a very compact template to help you monitor your project in stages.
Tip: You can use GitScrum User Stories to feed your product backlog and work customer-centric. These are short reports with end-users' requests on product needs or wishes.
BacklogInclude here all product features' performance data and needs
DoingFeatures and requests that developers are working on
** FIRE **Urgent requests, bug issues solutions
On TestFeatures being tested by the team
On LiveRecently released features
DoneDelivered product increments and features


4-Stage Workflow

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