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You can create project templates for your company. Standardize tasks, sprints and user stories you always use.

GitScrum Demos

GitScrum Demos

Best Content Calendar

This template is recommended for entrepreneurs and marketers, seeking to plan content creation. Organize your ideas to make a general content plan to apply during the year on any platform, or all of them (social media, your website, blog)
Tip: After you include all your tasks and start managing, you can monitor them daily using the GitScrum Gantt Charts feature, so you will be aware about your current and next assignments, getting the project's big picture.
KeyDefine the main themes (topic and subtopics) for your channels, to promote your product
IdeasInclude all ideas that can turn into posts during the year
Needs a TopicPrimary ideas, references, issues and demands to be published
ResearchingTopics you are working on / seeking info about
Ready to Draft / EditJobs you have all necessary data to generate posts about
Drafting / EditingJobs being produced
Ready to FinishJobs scheduled / in review or approval
CompletedFinished / published content
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