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Project Template

You can create project templates for your company. Standardize tasks, sprints and user stories you always use.

GitScrum Demos

GitScrum Demos

Development and Testing

This template is the ideal one for professionals who develop software features and increments focused on User Stories. Monitor the progress of the User Stories processing, as well as your increments' tests and deliveries, until the end user's requests are resolved
FeatureDescription of the feature(s) and requirement(s) you are going to work on
DeliverablesSpecifications of the new feature(s) that will be developed or improved
Story in ProcessWhich GitScrum User Stories are being currently solved
Ready for TestingWhich product increments were just finished and need to be tested
Testing in ProcessWhich product increments are being tested
Story CompleteWhich GitScrum User Stories are solved
Things to Get Done

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