In the era of Digital Transformations and Agile, the brands are looking to set themselves apart. You need to provide services to end users on their devices, at their terms, with different features. Besides that, they’re already excepting total perfection. Everything has to look great and work fast.

This are the conflicting agendas:  increasing presence on device’s while preserving the quality and get features to market faster than the others.

Adopting an agile process is the solution, that can actually help the team accelerate and ensure high quality applications. The developers teams are independent and responsible for the are of the code or some features, from design to production and they deliver incremental functionality.

Basic Concepts:

  • Continuous Integration (CI)
  • Continuous Delivery (CD)
  • Continuous Testing (CT)

Even with different objectives, these concepts can assist the team achieve the goals that are pretended.

Starting with the first (CI) It’s an approach that is necessary for any agile team. It’s the most important one. Resuming everything is basically copies of the work you’ve been making that are shared several times a day.

Using test automation, they are able to ensure the integration actually works.

The second (CD) is an approach (of software engineering) that consists of team producing software in short cycles instead of the traditional way (testing, and releasing more frequently) and that helps reduce time, costs. It’s a repeatable process that is important for continuous delivery that assures that the software can be released any time.

The last but not the least (CT) is a process that executes automated tests as part of the software delivery pipeline, in order to have feedback the sooner as possible, evolves and extends test automation to address the increased complexity and pace of modern application development and delivery.