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GitScrum Time Tracking

Seamless Task Time Tracking with an intuitive tracking interface

The use of a time-tracking software consolidates accountability in a team by making it possible to identify which employees have completed certain tasks, when the job was completed and how much time has been put into it.

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Simple, Smart Time Tracking for teams

Compiling all the work of your team members in an invoice can give you a headache. Having your team on GitScrum will provide you with a detailed and accurate record of how much time has been invested in a client's project, and you’ll be able to charge them accordingly.

Billing your clients
It is important to control the time spent on each task, rather than guessing. You don't want to underestimate how long it took to complete a task or project. You also don't want to overwhelm your customers.
Increase productivity
People are often surprised by what their timesheets really tell you about their work habits and those of their team. Unsurprisingly, many teams discover great inefficiencies.
Evaluate Team Workflow
Monitor the time your team is spending on all meetings, project tasks, and customer feedback sessions that take place between them. It gives you the opportunity to analyze the team workflow and look for gaps.