In this topic we’re going to give you some tips to be successful.

Some of them are basic advices but that won’t make them less important.

Let’s start.

The first tip is to NEVER limit your job responsibilities.

In this type of teams everyone is equal. There’s no specifications to each one of the members. If you really are a team, everyone can do everything. That’s the goal here. And don’t forget that small teams work better.

Stay out of your comfort zone to bring success to the team.

The key to success is also experimenting. EXPERIMENT!!!!

Try new things to get to the same or better path. Add more and more elements to the processes. It certainly helps.

Introduce constant user testing throughout the project in the end that will help you create a better project.

Prioritize your backlog.

Focus not only of what it seems to be the priority.

There are some activities that may seem like a waste of time, but they’re not. If you lose some time now on them, you will save time for later.

Work side by side with customers and partners.

Collaborate with people from different companies and backgrounds.

Be able to take and give criticism.