Companies are becoming smarter and more informed about the benefits of cloud technologies.

They can provide rapid deployment, cost reduction, etc.

Successful adoption depends if the users involved understand or not the concept when implementing any new technologies in the workplace.

Not all people accept changes, especially when the subject is technology.

Below we define the different types of people in the workplace and how the IT department can use them to promote the development of cloud technology.

The champ

Usually a high-level director, the Champion is an energetic and enthusiastic person who invests in the implementation of the project and launches success. Usually it’s the guy who initiated the change or signed a new technological solution.


This is important. They are who can determine whether the transition to the cloud was successful or not, simply because of its majority. They will go through all the necessary training and make the decision.


The people you want- they participate during the deployment with loud desires to adopt new technologies and tell everyone about how great it is. However, be careful if they detect errors and failures with the decision, because they have influence on others.


People who are resistant to new technologies. Every business has them – These people should be resolved quickly and positively. Your points of view can be discarded by a confrontational approach.


These people are eager and enthusiastic about new technologies, although they do not understand how to use them. Although their dedication helps to stimulate a positive launch, they can take a long time and be committed to ongoing training, management and support.